Monday Missive – Nov 1, 2021

Here it is a brand new month. Today marks the beginning of a very hectic month for me so let’s get started.

  • Today is the first day of NaNoWriMo. I have not started writing yet. I ordered some special tea just for the event. But first, a little housecleaning must be done.
  • My blogging may take a hit this month. I will keep up with a few weekly prompts, but I am not sure how much else I will be able to post this month.
  • I spent my first cup of coffee emailing companies about online orders that have gone awry. One order has shown no status change since they charged my credit card three weeks ago. The second is an order I placed this morning for coffee. They ran a promo (3 for x dollars). I placed the order and it was discounted but I was still charged $3 extra. No big deal except do not run a promo that does not work. It irritates me. Vent over.
  • Well, my vent is not really over. Amazon packaging has gotten bad. I have received two orders in the last few days where an item with cardboard packaging was put into one of their white shipping envelopes. The corners of the item box were all banged up. I am trying to be patient and understand the shipping issues, but when it is an intended holiday gift, it is frustrating.
  • I heard from all my six grandchildren this weekend which was a nice treat. It was over text for most,  but I will take it!
  • November! How did I manage to have three medical appts, a dentist appt, two PT appts, NaNoWriMo, and Thanksgiving all slammed into one month? It is going to be a fun ride. Oh, and I desperately need a haircut!
  • I had my flu shot last week and I will have my Covid booster this week.
  • Hubby installed all new under cabinet lighting in our kitchen this weekend. What a difference!
  • Shopping- I have done a lot, but we have two grandchildren with birthdays in December as well as Christmas. And Hanukkah falls in November this year!
  • Okay, that’s enough. This sounds all stressed,  actually I’m feeling pretty good. I guess I just needed to clear out the cobwebs!

Happy November! I hope your month is a little less hectic than mine.


17 thoughts on “Monday Missive – Nov 1, 2021”

  1. Ditto about Amazon shipping here, too. And they now leave boxes out in the rain on the edge of the stoop, instead of putting them close to the door where there is overhead covering. 🤨

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  2. I have my booster tomorrow afternoon. Glad to get it all over for this year at least.
    Amazon gives a great service here in Beetley. Nothing is ever badly packaged, or left out in the elements. If anything, it is over-packaged, with small items in very big boxes, swathed in reams of twisted brown paper. At least it can all be recycled!
    Best wishes, Pete.


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