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Plastic is too prevalent in our society and we need more incentives to recycle. Bali, like many other locations that rely on tourism, suffered during the pandemic. Pollution from plastic increased and money to buy food decreased. But imagine what would happen if collected plastic waste was used as currency with which food could be purchased?

You can read the entire story below.

Guy Schemes to Give Free Food to Anyone in Bali Who Brings Plastic – And He’s Recycled 500 Tons in First Year

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15 thoughts on “Recycle for Food – #WATWB”

  1. I remember this story from one of my Good News Tuesday posts. Glad you picked it up. We need all the good news and recycling stories we spread around!

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  2. A fantastic concept to make people re-think the role of materials we toss away. I have recently been supporting a company that recycles textiles here instead of sending them offshore for processing, or worse still – dumping.

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    1. What a great industry to support. I do not think most Americans realize how much waste discarded clothing creates. I really try to wear clothes until they are no longer wearable.

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      1. Textile waste is a huge problem, Maggie. Australians are probably on a par with Americans. Clothing from Bangladesh is so inexpensive as to make it a disposable item, almost. I have clothes I have had since my kids were small, and others that needed to be tossed, recycled or upcycled after just a few washes. I think we export a terrible lot of stuff to the impoverished third world. It is shameful.

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