One Liner Wednesday – Tech Obsolescence



That line, upper case letters and all, was easy to pull out of the email I received from internet radio company Grace Digital. My husband bought me an internet radio about five years ago. It relied on an internet radio aggregator for it to work. Well, guess what? The aggregator (Receiva) went out of business rendering all the radios useless. Of course, in my early troubleshooting, I had already done a factory reset because I could not connect to the internet. Now I am the proud owner of a very expensive big black BRICK.

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24 thoughts on “One Liner Wednesday – Tech Obsolescence”

    1. Yes, it was an unfortunate situation that should have been anticipated, but I know I will not purchase another one to replace it. There are far too many better option now.

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  1. Sorry about your “brick.” I’ve considered getting an Internet radio on several occasions before I discovered radio apps for the phone, all of which are free to download and use…

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    1. Yes, radio is nearing a part of our past I am afraid. I rarely ever turn on an actual radio anymore, but I will miss this one in my kitchen.

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  2. I can imagine the liability arguments between the manufacturer and the Internet service provider. Sounds to me like a class action would be the way to go. Employ a ‘percentage-only’ lawyer, to sue Grace Digital on behalf of every person who has had the same experence as you,. At the very least, you should eventually get the legal fees paid, and receive a replacement radio plus some financial compensation for the inconvenience.
    Perhaps start threads on Twitter and Facebook, asking for any other owners of the radios to get in touch with whichever lawyer is willing to take on the case.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. I doubt there would be much incentive or payback for an attorney. I appreciate the suggestion, but it is not worth that much to me to further disturb my peaceful retirement. There are better solutions now that are much less costly.

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