Song Lyric Sunday – Boy with a Moon and Star on His Head

The prompt from Jim:

This week the theme is Heavenly Bodies, Planets, Moon, Sun, Stars suggested by King Ben’s Grandma.

When I read the prompt for this week, I knew exactly what song I would choose. I was immediately thrust back to 1974 when I listened to Cat Stevens daily. I had every one of his albums and I think it was his music that made me fall in love with the sound of a solitary acoustic guitar.

“Boy with a Moon and Star on His Head” is one of my favorite Cat Stevens songs. I am always all about the story a song tells and this is a perfect example of a great story. But first, a little about the man behind the music.

In London in 1948, Cat Stevens was born Steven Demetre Georgiou to a Greek Father and Swedish mother. He released his debut album in 1967 and recorded music until he converted to Islam in 1977. He changed his name to Yusuf Islam and sold all his guitars for charity, married, and began a family. He returned to secular music when his son Yoriyos handed him a guitar he had been hiding (Yoriyos happens to be a spitting image of a young Cat Stevens) in 2006.

Many of his songs reflected strong uplifting meanings, but not all. Some people love to try to assign a hidden meaning to a song that just wasn’t there. Taken from an Entertainment Weekly interview with Chris Willman, he says it himself:

“He pauses and scratches his salt-and-pepper head. “I’m not saying all my songs are like that. There’s a song called ‘Boy With the Moon & Star on His Head’, about a guy who’s just about to get married, has an affair on the way, and then finds a baby left on his doorstep.” A rueful laugh. “I can’t whitewash them all!”

Of course, after his conversion to Islam, he was embroiled in many controversies related to Salman Rushdie, and also about him being banned from entry in the US. You can find all that information if you want to look for it, but for me, this post is about the music and just the music.

“Boy with a Moon and Star on His Head” appeared on the album “Catch Bull at Four” released in 1972. The album reached #1 in the US and #2 in the UK.

Boy with a Moon and Star on His Head
Lyrics from

[Verse 1]
A gardener’s daughter stopped me on my way
On the day I was to wed
It is you who I wish to share
My body with she said

[Verse 2]
We’ll find a dry place under the sky
With a flower for a bed
And for my joy I will give you a boy
With a moon and star on his head.

[Verse 3]
Her silver hair flowed in the air
Laying waves across the sun
Her hands were like the white sands
And her eyes had diamonds on

[Verse 4]
We left the road and headed up
To the top of the whisper wood
And we walked till we came to where
The holy magnolia stood

[Verse 5]
And there we laid cool in the shade
Singing songs and making love
With the naked earth beneath us
And the universe above

[Verse 6]
The time was late my wedding wouldn’t wait
I was sad but I had to go
So while she was asleep
I kissed her cheek for cheerio

[Verse 7]
The wedding took place and people came
From many miles around
There was plenty merriment
Cider and wine abound

[Verse 8]
But out of all that I recall
I remembered the girl I met
‘Cause she had given me something
That my heart could not forget

La la la la la la
La-la-la la la la
La-la-la-la-laa la-laa
La-laa la-laaa

[Verse 9]
A year had passed and everything was just
As it was a year before, as if was a year before
Until the gift that someone left
A basket by my door

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    1. I try not to think too deeply about the whys of the lyrics. I always felt like this child was a gift to the world and never hers (or his really) to keep. I know there are a hundred other interpretations of the lyrics, but that’s what is so great about music, isn’t it?

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  1. I had so many choices pop into my head, but I ended up going with a well known song from a British Band.

    Simply Red
    Anyone who ever held you
    Would tell you the way I’m feeling
    Anyone who ever wanted you
    Would try to tell you what I feel inside
    The only thing I ever wanted
    Was the feeling that you ain’t faking
    The only one you ever thought about
    Wait a minute, can’t you see that I
    Wanna fall from the stars
    Straight into your arms, I
    I feel you, I hope you comprehend
    For the man who tried to hurt you
    He’s explaining the way I’m feeling
    For all the jealousy I caused you
    States the reason why I’m trying to hide
    As for all the things you taught me
    It sends my future into clearer dimensions
    You’ll never know how much you hurt me
    Stay a minute, can’t you see that I
    Wanna fall from the stars
    Straight into your arms, I
    I feel you, I hope you comprehend
    Too many hearts are broken
    A lover’s promise never came with a maybe
    So many words are left unspoken
    The silent voices are driving me crazy
    After all the pain you caused me
    Making up could never be your intention
    You’ll never know how much you hurt me
    Stay, can’t you see that I
    Wanna fall from the stars
    Straight into your arms, I
    I feel you, I hope you comprehend, I
    Wanna fall from the stars
    Straight into your arms, I
    I feel you, I hope you comprehend
    Source: LyricFind
    Songwriters: Michael James Hucknall
    Stars lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, BMG Rights Management, Universal Music

    Best wishes, Pete.

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