A New Music Topic – Did You Own It?

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Did you ever have a song pop in your head and wonder why? What in the world makes songs we have not heard in years suddenly take up residence in our mental jukebox? What’s worse is when it is a song that easily becomes an ear-worm.

So, this post will come up from time to time, asking the question about those odd songs that just show up. When it happens to me, I wonder – Did you own it? Did you help make it popular? Do you know all the lyrics? Leave a comment below.

My song today is “Muskrat Love” written by Willis Allen Ramsey and recorded by both America and Captain & Tennille. I think I had this song on an 8-track and yes, I know all the words and can sing along with no provlem.


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  1. My favouite song by them was ‘Love Will Keep Us Together’. My friends thought it was ‘cheesy’, and mocked me. But I still love it now. She gad a great voice!

    Best wishes, Pete.

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