Throwback Thursday #6 – Gift Giving & Receiving

Lauren leads the charge this week on Throwback Thursday Memory BlogHop as we reflect on giving and receiving gifts. Click on the link to read the rules and join in the fun.

Today’s subject: Gift Giving & Receiving

I could go on and on about this topic but I decided to write a short piece on three categories of gifts: gifts given, gifts received, and gifts from my childhood.

Gifts Given: I am what I would consider an amateur or hobbyist metalsmith. I do love working with metal and turning raw materials into something beautiful. In the early days I did not have a workshop of my own, so everything I made had to be done in a classroom setting. When my daughter and soon to be daughter-in-law asked me to make their engagement rings I agreed but not without trepidation. It would be the first time I worked with gold and really precious stones. They purchased the materials which amped up the stress! I put it off as long as possible until my daughter eventually put a deadline on me. Working under the watchful eye of my instructor and a fellow student who had worked as a jeweler for years, I finally finished. Thankfully they looked beautiful and the engagement went off without a hitch!

A gift given from the heart

Gifts Received: after hubby and I were married, we bought our first house together. The first Christmas, we had 17 people there for Christmas. The following holidays were smaller, but joyous just the same. The second or third Christmas, we had some of our children there on Christmas morning as we opened gifts. Hubby surprised me with two Broadway tickets to see Phantom of the Opera. I had never been to New York to see a show on Broadway and as a huge Andrew Lloyd Webber fan, this was the best gift! I cried like a baby. We took the trip in Februrary and it was cold! I was sick as a dog on the trip, but I loved every minute of the show. We had great seats and the production was so beautiful. When the intro piece featuring the organ started, I got chills all over my body.

Gifts from Childhood: My family did not give big or outrageous gifts for birthdays or holidays. Money was scarce, so we were thrilled with whatever we received. I tried hard to remember any birthday celebrations or gifts and I could not think of any. Of course, birthdays in my generation consisted of a ‘greased’ or ‘blackened’ nose and a homemade cake with candles. If we received presents, I simply do not remember them. But I do remember gifts received for Christmas as a child.

  • My Chatty Cathy doll (I can still recite all her phrases with her exact voice inflections) with Auburn – not red – hair. (Click here to see a pic of the doll I had. Chatty Cathy)
  • My Artley flute which took my parents several years to save for.
  • My pink child-sized table with the removable top. I could finally store all my art supplies neat and tidy, tucked away inside my table.

I have another category of gifts – those that carry negative memories. I decided not to write about those today. Maybe that will be a future post outside of this challenge.

Lauren, thank you for another trip down memory lane!



19 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday #6 – Gift Giving & Receiving”

  1. You made a wonderful job of those rings, Maggie. Gifts to be treasured indeed, with the added family connection. I was an only child, so birthdays and Christmas were always an overload of gifts for me, from my parents and many relatives. My mum always made me write thank-you notes when I was old enough to do so. I wonder if anyone still does that?
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Thank you, Pete. They were defInitely a labor of love. It is fun to be showered with gifts – at least in my mind I think so. A get a few thank you cards, but texts seem to be the new wave of acknowledgement.

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  2. Wonderful gifts all round Maggie. I cannot remember birthday gifts from childhood either. It’s either my memory failing or the fact that there just was not any spare money available for non essentials. Having just had a flash of memory I do recall a dinky toy occasionally!

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    1. I am curious to call my brother and see what he remembers about birthdays. Maybe my memory is failing me! Thank you for taking the time to read Peter. I appreciate it.

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  3. Your gift of the rings is so wonderful. I am sure both ladies are thrilled to wear them. Most of my childhood gifts were clothing. Exciting only because I needed things to wear.
    I am enjoying hosting the blog prompt with you . Thanks for the wonderful brain exercise.

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    1. Aww, thanks, Lauren. I am fortunate to have these two in my life. They make every day fun.

      I had mostly hand-me-down clothes for years having two older sisters. When I joined the Air Force I bought so many clothes! It was paradise to me.

      I am enjoying the Thursday blog hop with you as well. We make a good team I think. 😉

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  4. Well Maggie those rings are so beautiful, there are obviously no ends to your talent! The Tickets to phantom where also an amazing present lovely memories 💜

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  5. Sorry, I’m so behind in reading this, well I’m behind on a lot of stuff. It was great to read about the beautiful rings you made. A loving gift for them that will be treasured. ❤

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