September 20, 2021 – WDIIA

What Day Is It Anyway?

What Day is it Anyway was started by Linda Hill sometime after we entered the pandemic. We were all getting so lost in the muck and the mire of a new complicated way of life it was hard to know what day it was. It’s been a while since I wrote one of these posts, and I think it’s time.

556 days ago, I left the mountains of Georgia where I had been tucked away with family enjoying a last family vacation. When we left each other to return to our respective homes, we had no idea what we were facing.

So, here we are, over 18 months later and we are still in the pandemic. We have come a long way, yet we still have so much further to go. We are no longer in lockdowns, and many people have returned to work and school. But so many people’s lives have changed. In the United States alone, over 666,000 people have died. Those are families whose lives have been forever altered. And that does not take into account the long-haulers who suffer long after the primary phase of infection has passed.

This morning, Pfizer announced the vaccine appears to work well and safely in children aged 5 to 11. They will move quickly to get FDA approval to begin vaccinating that age group. It must be tough to be a parent in the midst of this, trying to make the right decision for your children in the midst of so much misinformation and distrust.

We now have effective vaccines to fight the virus, but there is still so much hesitancy. The Delta surge is still ravaging the country, seemingly targeting the unvaccinated as its primary target.

I have taken one airplane trip. It was after I was vaccinated and before Delta. I doubt I would fly now unless an emergency warranted it, but who knows for sure unless the opportunity presented itself. I have seen all our children and grandchildren with the exception of one family we have yet to see. 18 months is a long time to be absent from their lives.

In this time, things have improved I think, but getting life back to normal – well, what is normal now?

According to my good friend Siri, it’s 69 days until Hanukkah and 96 days until Christmas. I am hopeful for a little more family time this holiday season.

So, tell me, how are you doing? Has your lifestyle changed for the better this far into the pandemic?

(It’s also time to think about getting your flu shot.)