First Line Friday September 10, 2021 – Tristan

Image by digitalginz from Pixabay

First Line Fridays is hosted by Dylan Hughes at Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie. He gives the first line and we do the rest.

Today, Tristan decided to be a pirate.

After 25 years, I had become accustomed to the fact that Tristan would never mentally advance beyond the level of a seven-year-old.

“It’s too much. The stares and the name calling. If you won’t put him away somewhere, then you can deal with him on your own.”

That was the warning Nick gave me when our son turned ten years old. He lasted three more years, then one day he did not come home from work. No note, no call – nothing. I notified the police in case my suspicions were wrong, but he had given notice at work, saying he was moving out of town. They assumed I was moving, too, but they were shocked to find out we had a child. His boss told the policeman Nick never mentioned a child. The news came as no surprise to me.

”Mama? MAAAAMMMMMA?” I walked over to the plastic swimming pool that was Tristan’s ship.

”What is it, Mister Pirate?” He was a beautiful child and made a fabulous pirate with his long dark curls poking out from under the scarf he asked me to tie around his head.

”My parrot is hungry. Can we have a sandwich?”

”Yes sir, matey!”

As I spread the mustard on the bologna sandwich I watched him run around the pool. I knew someday I would no longer be able to care for him. But today was not that day.

Today, Tristan decided to be a pirate.