SoCS – Where?

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Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “where.” Use it any way you’d like!

“Where, oh, where has my little dog gone?”
“Where, oh where can he be?”
”Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?”
”Where’s Waldo??

That’s where my mind went when I read Linda’s prompt yesterday. Then, when I realized today is September 11th, all I could think of was “Where were you when the towers fell?”

I do not need to see the photos and the videos and the newsreels from that fateful day. The images are forever burned in my heart, mind, and soul.

Today, let us remember the lives lost and maybe try to remember how our country came together for fellow Americans we never knew. We could use a little of that shared humanity today.

As you move through your day today, keep those who lost so much that day in your thoughts. Remember how short and precious life is, and do not let one moment pass without telling those you love just how much they mean to you.

Where was I? At work. Four members of my team boarded planes that morning to fly to Atlanta for a day of meetings. Thankfully, they were all okay, although stranded until they could rent a car and drive back to Florida. It was my daughter who called me at work and told me to watch the news. She was telling me what was happening, but I could not believe what she was telling me. The events of that day I wish had never happened, but they did, and I will never ever forget.


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  1. We are all with you Maggie. I was in Spain in Puerto Banus, the holiday seemed to stop, we are English but there were lots of Americans at our hotel….stunned.

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  2. What happened that day was so surreal to me for most of the day, until I finally saw the images on TV. It finally sunk in how horrible the acts were, and then I was simply shocked and appalled, like the rest of the country.

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      1. It’s unbelievable that after overcoming an outside terrorist group, we now have to face terrorists and hate groups in our own country. I’m at a loss to explain why that is ever a good and happy path for anyone. Hate and anger steals the soul and makes a dark heart do awful things.

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        1. I echo your feelings about where we are in our country today. I am at a loss. How do you get a nation to come together when there is absolutely no tolerance for differences of any kind? It is heartbreaking to witness.

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  3. It was hard to believe it was happening. I was also at work. We had turned on the news, and when the second plane hit, our hearts just sunk. We must not forget.

    Great job, Maggie.

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  4. How we can ever expect to overcome such radicalism when we are incapable of civilised debate within our own governments is completely beyond my comprehension. We seem intent on splitting our own countries apart whether we are American, British, European, Asian, African, or any other grouping. There is only one human race!

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    1. I don’t know what will become of us, Peter. Perhaps like all the other civilizations who managed to destroy everything they had built. I just know there will never be a laying down of arms. Heck, in my country they won’t even do it for school children. I just pray I am wrong.

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  5. It seems like I was at home, so I must have been taking a sick which was rare. Reality really started to sink in when I saw the devastation and the beginning of search and rescue operations. Yes, we must remember how our nation came together and find that shared humanity again with all humans. Thank you for this post.

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