My Most Enduring Summer Crush, Part 2

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(Did you miss the first part of the story? Read it here: PART 1).

As I mentioned previously, Chuck’s father held an important position as a Mason. I never knew what exactly because a question such as that would not have been important at the time. Chuck himself was in some rising position in DeMolay. I never knew his sister as she was older, but she was involved in some capacity in the Rainbow organization.

By this time, Chuck knew I was common folk. He probably rightfully assumed we did not have a lot of spare money lying around. When he invited me to the formal dance at the DeMolay conference, he suggested that if I should need a gown, there were several gowns in his sister’s closet I could borrow. This wasn’t necessary because I had older sisters of my own. 😉

Redacted clipping about the escorts for the dance. It reads like it was from the 1950s instead of the late 1960s.

Once my parents said I could go (I was only 14 or 15), I learned the conference would include young men from outside the area and they would be looking for dates for the dance. He suggested I should invite friends to attend and they would be matched with a date for the evening. I chuckle when I think about this, because most parents today would not allow their young daughters to go on dates with boys that were from outside the area and likely to never be seen again. But those were different times. Both my sisters and a couple of their high school friends agreed to go.

We arrived at the University of Akron in the early afternoon. I wore a cute pair of culottes and a summer top. Chuck said he would have on an orange turtleneck (I mistook a mailbox for him across campus – I don’t think I ever told him that.) Our dresses were stored in a room until time to change for the evening.

There was a hustle and bustle of local girls preparing for the evening. I wore my sister’s long sleeveless royal blue gown with a draped back and a slit up to the back of the knee. Elbow length white gloves with lace buttons completed the look. The gown was very form fitting and I felt like a million dollars.

We met with Chuck’s parents and I was so impressed with his father.  It was my first time seeing him outside of the campground. He was dressed in a tux and sported a mink bow tie. I thought that was the height of elegance. From there, Chuck wanted to take me to meet his friends.

What I did not know was that his friends were razzing him for dating someone with a name like Margaret. They obviously teased him about how I must look with an old name like that. When introduced to the ‘guys’ one of them confessed all this to me. He then said I was very pretty. I didn’t know what to think. Then he apologized to me and to Chuck for judging me prematurely. What a jerk to judge anyone for how they looked. I was not impressed.

I did not spend any time with my sisters and would not find out until later how disappointed they were in their blind dates for the evening. Chuck and I snuck away and walked through one of the campus garages until a campus police officer chased us out. I was running and laughing – all in a long formal and heels. And yes, I did split that slit a little further up the back of the dress.

I remember at one point in the evening he asked me what my favorite song was. I replied “Do It Again”, by the Beach Boys to which he replied “You have to do it once before you can do it again.” (Get your mind out of the gutter, he was talking about a kiss.) Corny, maybe, but it got him the kiss!

We would go to a few other DeMolay dances and date for a few years. By the time we were juniors or seniors in high school, the flame of young love had diminished and we each moved on. Even years later when my mother got too sick to watch after our cocker spaniel, Whiskey, Chuck took him. He was a good guy who left me with a lot of great memories.


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  1. Another lovely story of your youth and young love. Your young Chuck sounds a gentleman! I wonder why your sisters and friends were not so impressed with their dates?
    I looked up DeMolay as I have never head of it. I know of the Masons but not of all the off shoots they have.
    It’s a good job he was a nice guys as it does sound a little risky. 💜

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    1. Willow, thank you for reading. They are lovely memories – the kind every girl deserves to have. I think my sisters had high expectations for their blind dates and it was probably just very awkward. I never felt unsafe thankfully, nor did my sisters. It was an experience not likely to happen in these times.


  2. It all sounds very dubious now, very male orientated where girls were not allowed to join but could be considered as add ons if they fitted in with the men’s preconceived ideas of a good match. Perhaps I’m looking at it from a uniquely British viewpoint that has never understood the American system of education and seemingly male dominated social hierarchies. Maybe I’m just an old fogie!

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    1. Peter, the Masonic organization is the oldest fraternal organization in the world if I am not mistaken and women have never been allowed. I’m afraid that history goes way back before America was a country. Our nation’s history is encumbered by the fight for equal rights for minorities of all types unfortunately. I am glad I was not included in the ‘blind date category’ because I was a little too outspoken for that to have been a fit. I try to frame the memory in small view perspective and remember it as a part of my very tender adolescence. (I think I fall into that old fogie category, too. 😉)

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  3. I knew a lot of girls named Margaret. Wonder what that guy’s problem was?

    It’s hard to imagine, but I think a lot of the way things were done then were determined by the way they were done in the ’40’s and ’50’s. We wore dinner jackets to graduation in ’74.

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    1. I think he was just one of those jerks that liked to hear himself talk. I chuckled when I read your comment. I wonder if people know what a dinner jacket is these days?

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  4. Hi. It’s me. Your daughter. Just catching up on some blog reading. I remember your stories of Chuck..particularly the mailbox referral…but I don’t recall stories of my mother dolled up in a royal blue gown with a slit to the back of the knee and white gloves! This was wonderful to read in all it’s detail. And I do remember the Beach Boys song and your first kiss with him. ❤


    1. Ha, ha. Sometimes mom’s leave out the good parts of the stories they tell their children. 😁 Thanks for reading, my daughter. ❤️ The dress was Aunt Rosie’s and was ruined shortly thereafter by my cat who loved to run across the room into the closet, jump onto the dress, hang on with her claws and swing!

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