Charleston Would Be A Perfect Venue – What Could Go Wrong?

Today we celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. It has been such a wonderful 25 years.

The events leading up to and including our wedding day are worth sharing again so I’m re-blogging my post from last year. It’s a great story worth retelling.

Happy anniversary photoToday we celebrate our 24th wedding anniversary. Looking back, it’s a wonder we managed to get married at all. Buckle up. It’s a long one.

I was living in Maine and my husband in Florida when he proposed to me. The only family I had in Maine was my ex-husband’s family. He had no family living in Florida at the time so we decided to have our wedding in Charleston, SC. We made all the preparations remotely with hubby and his sister exchanging details via fax machine (It was 1996, ya’ll).

I chose the flower colors and ultimately the type of flowers (blue and white), drew up the design for our cake, and went about designing and mailing the invitations. My daughter was attending the University of Maine in Farmington. My son was graduating from high school and had been accepted to East Tennessee State University so we were also…

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