One Liner Wednesday – September



“Late summer is perfect for classic mysteries . . . while big ambitious works of nonfiction are best approached in September and early October, when we still feel energetic and the grass no longer needs to be cut.”

Michael Dirda

One liner Wednesday is brought to us each week by the lovely Linda Hill. Please visit Linda’s blog to read the rules, read other one liners, and possibly join in the fun!

13 thoughts on “One Liner Wednesday – September”

  1. Love this one-liner, Maggie. I am more of a book LISTENER than a book reader. Audiobooks make mundane tasks (like pulling weeds) much less onerous. Plus, I can motivate myself to get in my 5,000 steps a day if I am listening to a good book. Just a suggestion to you and your followers: Consider audiobooks. They entertain with great stories performed by skilled narrators. I listen through Audible and also through Hoopla, a free service offered by my local library.

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    1. I have not tried Audible, Debbie, but I know of many who love it. An audio book for me depends so much on the narrator. If the voice does not match the mental image I have of the characters then it is harder for me. I have not tried Listening while walking – that might be a good thing to try.


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