You Are Not a Horse. You Are Not a Cow.

I think it might be time to think about writing a story about mass hysteria because surely there is currently some element of it at play. I do not write much here about my political leanings, preferring to keep things more lighthearted and more personal, but sometimes, it’s too much not to comment.

A local farm supply store in the nearby mountain town of Asheville was in the news yesterday. It seems their shelves were cleared of a veterinary medicine used to de-worm farm animals. It seems this substance is the latest cockamamie claim for treating or preventing Covid-19.

In Mississippi, at least one person was hospitalized and many suffering toxicity effects of ingesting this substance. It was so bad, the Food and Drug Administration was compelled to tweet the following:

A Copy of the FDA Tweet

There is a human version and dosage of this used for specific purposes, but no proven use for prevention or treatment of Covid-19. But, get the right crazy Pied Piper on television or social media and hysteria ensues. People will blindly follow.

The logic fails me. People don’t know what is in the vaccine so they will not take it. But suggest drinking bleach or taking medication whose purpose is to treat farm animals and BINGO! People who refuse the vaccine will go to the hospital when they contract Covid and willingly allow doctors to infuse them with anything required to save their lives – all without knowing or caring what ingredients are in the drugs.

For me, I will follow the science and leave the veterinary drugs to the farm animals.