Monday Missive

It’s a slightly foggy and somewhat damp Monday morning here in the foothills. I have already had breakfast and been out to physical therapy and I’m feeling rather upbeat. I hope you are enjoying your Monday.

  1. Physical therapy went well. As you may remember, I was sick and had to be tested for Covid (negative thankfully) but this cold hung on for three weeks. This caused a delay in my physical therapy attempts to get my vertigo under control. Thankfully I have had no attacks since my last therapy appointment. My posture and balance have improved so my efforts are paying off. I will have at least 4 or 5 more appointments and see where I am after that.
  2. Some of you may be familiar with the website the DailyOM. They offer a number of online courses for a sliding scale fee. I downloaded a very gentle Yoga class which I have been using. It has chair modifications for people who may not be able to do the floor or standing exercises. My balance issues require I do a little of each. The mindfulness of Yoga has helped with my balance, my breathing, and retraining my sympathetic nervous system.
  3. We had another bear visitor last night, but he was here much earlier – around 7:30 PM. He is a smallish bear and did push the poles to the ground again but did not mangle them like an adult bear might have.
  4. Our weather predictions show the potential of 4-6 inches of rain over the next two days. I am not sure if this is the result of Tropical Storm Fred, or a result of the arriving cold front.
  5. The dogwoods are definitely showing the transition colors which will lead us into fall. I am looking forward to some cooler weather and hopefully a chance to get out and enjoy nature a little more. It has been a challenging summer for me.
  6. Last night I made a stuffed pepper casserole using the Giant Marconi peppers from the garden. We still have an adequate supply of tomatoes and have also enjoyed our potatoes – a first for us this year.
  7. Our grandson moved into the dorm at Clemson last Friday. They are requiring weekly Covid tests, whether you are vaccinated or not. He starts in-person classes today. Two of our other grandchildren started school today – masking optional. Two more start next week. One nearby school district in our neighboring state has already returned to virtual classrooms because of the case count. Classes started Aug 6, and as of Friday the 13th, they already had 534 students and 28 staff in quarantine.

I am not sure what the coming fall and winter hold for us. I may take another online writing class that comes highly recommended from a good friend and fellow writer. I just know I need to stay away from too much news and focus on the positive.

How about you? Are you making plans to travel or do something new and exciting?

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