One Liner Wednesday – Hey, Bear!

Black bears can survive–and even thrive–on the fringes of civilization, or sometimes right in the midst of it.

Linda Masterson

We woke to the bird feeder poles lying down on the ground. A check on the field camera showed us why.

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18 thoughts on “One Liner Wednesday – Hey, Bear!”

    1. We have the poles designed to hopefully give way under their weight rather than bend and contort (which has happened before). We forget just how strong these guys are, although I do love to see them – in photos or at a distance!

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  1. I don’t know whether I’m entertained or filled with fear. I like bears, but this close to my house, I dunno. Regardless, the surveillance photos are fascinating.

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    1. We will not put the feeders out for a while. We live right on the edge of forested land, so we share this space with many creatures – coyotes, bobcats, bears, rabbits, turkeys, etc. This is the reason we have the cameras – we want to be aware of our neighbors.

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  2. So far nearly all the bears have stayed on the west side of the Connecticut River while we are on the east side. They are causing quite a disturbance there, going into houses and cars.

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