Random Thoughts About Rain

My daughter calls me every weekday on her drive to work. It is a lovely time, uninterrupted, when we talk about the simple things going on in our respective lives. This morning when she called I was sleeping peacefully with the sound of gentle rain hitting the roof.

It’s funny. I woke up around 5:00 am – it was not raining then. I found a YouTube video with rain sounds – several actually – hoping they might lull me back to sleep. Instead, I found so them patterned and unrealistic I turned my phone off. When it started to rain, I fell asleep easily.

I am always so thankful for the rain, especially knowing so many people are suffering through extreme temperatures and droughts. Then, on the other side of the world, there is too much rain to the extent it is damaging and life-threatening.

Before she passed away, my mother-in-law’s townhome flooded three or four times. She was devastated each and every time and started to fear the rain. We always felt the flooding was due to overdevelopment and inadequate drainage by the city. They eventually acquired a grant through FEMA and bought all the property at less than market value. Mom was able to get the check and deposit it, but it came too later for her.

I may have mentioned this before, but when we were young, we often hung our heads over the porch knee wall and ‘washed’ our hair in the rainwater (All we actually did was get our hair wet!)

The birds love coming to the feeders in the rain. They look pitiful with their feathers all wet. Sometimes they take this opportunity to bathe in the birdbath then fluff their feathers in an attempt to dry them out. There is something renewing about a constant and gentle rain.

I hope wherever you are, you are enjoying beautiful and normal weather. I am tempted to go back upstairs and nap while I can still hear the rain on the roof.


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  1. We loved to hear the rain on the roof of the boat. It was relaxing and comforting. Unlike being in a house, heavy rain didn’t bother us because we didn’t have to worry about flooding because we rose with the water level!

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      1. We had a residential mooring in a marina and only a couple of times were out on the river when the skies opened, but we were berthed, not traveling at the time. It was a good life, and we enjoyed it. It was just a shame we had to give it up earlier than we’d hoped due to ill health coupled with higher costs.

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  2. Unlike everyone else in the comments, I never need to hear rain again. It doesn’t lull me to sleep here, in fact it wakes me up when I am already sleeping peacefully. Nine years of tramping through mud and getting soaked has made me hate rain with a vengeance.
    Talking of which, we are forecast for ‘heavy and thundery showers’ tonight in Beetley. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. I understand your point of view, Pete, as you have had a time of it with the rain. The threat of fire danger living in a heavily forested area makes it easier for me to love.

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  3. My mother drove a 1948 Packard, a car with seats the size and comfort level of plush sofas. My brother and I use to go out to the car, each of us stretching out on one of the seats, and just listen to the rain on top of the car. Great entertainment.


  4. It’s been raining a lot here this afternoon and this evening – like a lullaby feeding my lush urban forest. I just wish I could send some rain to the west coast.


  5. I love the sound of rain too Maggie. I do get a little nervous when it’s coming down in torrents though. We have been flooded out, it was in the early eighties but I have never forgotten it! I should of got over it by now but no. 💜💜💜

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    1. Willow, I think when something happens that is totally out of our control, it changes our response to it.i am not surprised you haven’t gotten over it.


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