A Note for Fellow Tech Nerds

According to CNN, 21 years ago today the first website went online and still exists today. It is all about the Word Wide Web. If you care for a little flashback, you can check it out here:

We’ve come a long way baby!

23 thoughts on “A Note for Fellow Tech Nerds”

    1. It certainly started out slowly. My first online interaction with others was through a bulletin board on Prodigy. Dial-up of course.


    1. That makes sense, Dan. I should look at the archives for that address and see what it says. Now that you say that, I was definitely online way before I was married in 1996. I was using Prodigy years before so I guess we classify this as fake news!

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  1. I’d guess 21 years would be a typeo indeed. I got my first Internet connection, dial-up, in May of 2002 and there were a ton of websites already.

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    1. Well, I had to look it up and once I saw it I did remember it. The Wikipedia page explaining it was quite interesting to read – all about how it originated. That was 1998 so CNN’s date was just blown out of the water.

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