McCartney 3, 2, 1

I was a little young when the Beatles craze hit America. I remember their music at that time, butI was not a teenager screaming in adoration. Through the years, however, I came to love the majority of their music (I do not profess to love it all) as did most everyone else.

The new pseudo-documentary, “McCartney 3,2,1” popped up in my Hulu feed and I was  curious. So much has been written and said about the Beatles, what else could there possibly be?

This six-part series (each episode about 30 minutes in length) surprised me. I loved hearing the back stories and I loved hearing the individual tracks isolated as the mechanics of certain songs were explored.

If you enjoy Beatles music and the process of songwriting, you might really enjoy this series. It was released in the U.S. on Hulu, and I understand it will be streaming on Disney+ in the UK August 25.


Mother May I — No You May Not

Traffic lights
Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

Do you remember that game? The whole idea is taking gradual steps toward a goal, until you cross the finish line. This has been my life this past week. One step forward, two steps back.

The physical therapy has really helped my vertigo and for that I am thankful. I have been doing my exercises and walking (which is very good for the vestibular system) and taking steps toward reprogramming my fight or flight responses.

Life, however, can be a real jokester. Saturday I began to notice a scratchy throat. By Monday morning, I had a cough, sore throat and low grade fever. I decided it was prudent to go through the CDC symptom checker on the off chance I should be tested. After all, I had a birthday party to attend in Florida.

I fully expected since I was vaccinated and always masked up, it would say I did not need a test. Boy was I wrong. After a telemedicine visit with my doctor, I was given a test time for the afternoon. 48 hours later, I received the good news my test was negative. Thank the good Lord.

Now, you would think I was all clear to move forward planning my trip, wouldn’t you? Unfortunately, I was advised to continue to isolate until my symptoms were gone for two reasons. There is a chance I tested too early and my symptoms could worsen indicating the need for another test. Also, as long as I was sick, my immune system would be compromised and make me more vulnerable to the virus. This meant I could not receive my much needed physical therapy appointment before I took a road trip.

Tears ensued. I spoke with my daughter. None of them want to get sick, nor do they want me to take risks (Florida is again a bright red enter of Covid transmission). The additional physical therapy appointment was also important to keep my vertigo at bay – that was now on hold. We would be staying home.

This morning I am feeling much better. My cough has subsided a lot. No fever and my sore throat has morphed into a very gravelly voice. I feel like this was just a cold, but as everyone is telling me, the Delta variant presents like a cold.

I will never knowingly put anyone at risk which unfortunately is not the case for many Americans. There are so many putting themselves and the population not eligible for vaccinations at risk. That angers me. Our state alone has 837,000 doses of the vaccine set the expire in the next two months – all ordered to meet the number of citizens that would need the vaccine. But vaccine resistance now has us shipping those back to the government for redistribution.

We were so close.

“Better safe than sorry” seems to be the mantra of the times. Too bad everyone isn’t singing the same tune.