The Land of Good Intentions

I had fully intended to write a short piece and participate in MindLoveMisery’s Sunday writing prompt last week. The subject “The Quiet One” intrigued me and I may still write something – it just will not be part of the challenge.

I had my physical almost three weeks ago but had to wait a week to come back for my blood work. I told my doctor I wanted a referral to a physical therapist for my vertigo as nothing was keeping it at bay.  He agreed. He suggested some medication for me for another issue, but in the interim I researched and decided the medication might not be the right thing for me so I shelved it until I could go back and talk it through with him. 

A week went by without hearing about my referrals (there were three). I called the office to check on the status. It seems they are still sending faxes and the fax appeared to have gone through. After calling again, the referrals were finally in progress and I had two physical therapy sessions last week. I am happy to say I am much improved and cannot believe how quickly it has helped.  Even once the vertigo is gone, She will continue to see me because I have altered my posture as a way to protect myself from the vertigo. It will take time to unlearn all that.

All in all, I am pretty healthy. my doctor agreed about the medication and I have some small dietary changes to make, but no medication for which I am thankful. Now to get all my vaccinations taken care of.

All from our garden except for the one with the sticker on it!

It has been terribly hot here – at least for my liking. With the constant vertigo I have not been able to write or watch much television and as a result I have been pretty restless. Our garden is producing tomatoes and peppers, but not much else. We have been enjoying what we do manage to harvest, though.

We are supposed to be going to Florida the end of this week for our granddaughter’s 4th birthday! Of course hubby got called for jury duty – he reports tomorrow – and so much depends on his schedule and how I am progressing with my vertigo and physical therapy.

I am reading a few blogs in moderation and hope to start leaving a few comments. My Physical Therapist has advised against too much screen time so I am heeding her advice.

Hubby is now waiting on the electrician to come and install the electrical panel in the building. Schedules, material, and waiting make this drag out a lot longer than we would like.

The dogwood leaves are changing. They are the heralds of the change in season to come. Of course, we will need to get through the hot months of summer, but nature tells us what is coming. I tried to plant some dill,  it it is just way too hot. The dill wilted and died quickly. I will replant in the fall.

That’s it for now. I hope this finds you all well and keeping safe. It is a crazy world we live in.

28 thoughts on “The Land of Good Intentions”

  1. Our mini-heatwave got up to 32C, (a lot here) but has since dropped back to 19C.
    My vertigo has stopped me trimming the hedges now, so next week I am paying a gardener to do that annual task.
    I hope you make it to see your granddaughter.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Is your vertigo benign positional vertigo? Have you ever had physical therapy for it? There are things they can do to help. I should have pushed my do tor sooner.

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      1. There is something called the Eply Manouvre. My doctor talked about that, but it invloves lying flat on your back, and at the time I declined it, as I really cannot lie flat on my back without feeling ill.

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        1. That is what they are doing for me and it does make you spin and feel nauseous but it does help. Some people with the first treatment and some may require two or three. It might be worth it, Pete, to gain your mobility back.

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  2. Maggie, I’m glad that your physical therapist’s recommendations have helped with the vertigo! Hopefully you’ll continue to improve. It has been warm and muggy here for sure with another week of heat ahead. But the peppers and tomatoes definitely benefit, if it doesn’t get too hot. The Asian eggplants I have in pots are amazing, too.

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    1. Lisa, I have one eggplant that is almost ready to pick. I will try more next year. I am so thankful for the relief from the vertigo and will continue with their recommendation for longterm vestibular health.


  3. I sympathise Maggie, having been experiencing severe vertigo since March. I always used to think it was just dizzy spells until I experienced it first hand!!!! It seemed to be triggered by a gum infection after an extraction and was so bad at one stage that I spent nearly 2 weeks confined to bed propped in place by pillows so that I didn’t turn to trigger the extreme episodes. Much better now after a course of antibiotics and hoping to improve with further treatment.

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    1. I sympathize, Peter. My first attack three years ago came on in the middle of the night and I thought sure I was having a stroke. It is amazing how intricately balanced our bodies are and when something goes awry, it is unsettling. When people ask me what it is like, I tell them it is like being trapped in a tilt-a-whirl going at top speed. I am glad you are somewhat better and I hope through physical therapy you can gain relief. I will hold good thoughts for you.

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      1. Thank you Maggie. Very frightening experience the first time! My worst episode happened when I lay down in bed and put my head on the pillow. It felt as if my brain was doing continuous backward somersaults.

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        1. I understand too well. I resorted to sleeping on a wedge pillow which has helped. I will warn you, though, that long term it might not be good for shoulder joints (the pillows often are not wide enough to accommodate the width of our entire body). I have spent many a night propped up on the recliner. I truly hope you find some relief. I know what you are going throuh.

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    1. Don, I knew the dill was a risky decision, but I love it so much it was worth a shot. Our health is everything and we realize it more through the aging process I think.

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  4. I hope you get a handle on the vertigo, get your referrals and et the other items on the list taken care of. Being generally healthy is a pretty good thing to have in your chart. Take care, Maggie.

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    1. Thank you, Dan. I tire of talking about it and I am sure others tire of hearing it. I want to get back into the normal swing of things. Thank you for your kind comment.

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  5. I hope you get to go to FL as planned, but not knowing seems to be the theme of the year. We’ve hit the dog days of summer here and I can’t decide if I should keep posting to my blog or just go hide in the basement where it is cool. No one who I follow is all that into blogging at the moment.

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