Stream of Consciousness Sunday

I tried to write three different blogs yesterday. None were worth publishing. I set them aside and decided to just try again another day. The last couple of weeks have been a mix of everything. I have been wearing my emotions on my sleeve both highs and lows. It is too much to try to write about and make any cohesive sense of without going into lengthy detail which I have decided against. I am fine. I have had some really joyful things to celebrate. Of course life loves to give us a broad range of experiences, so I have just been going with the flow. Much like this post.

I will tell you we had two of our grandchildren overnight for the first time in about two years. It was so nice to just hang out with them. They are growing up too fast not to see them more frequently. They are such a delight and we had fun playing Pictionary, going to the park, rock mining, having a picnic, chasing lightening bugs, eating homemade peach cobbler, and just snuggling. These are the moments that remind me of pre-pandemic life and I embraced every moment.

We are in summer and it has been hot and humid. Not near the heat many parts of the continent are experiencing, however, and for that I am grateful. I have observed some interesting creatures along the way which I will post below. We have not seen any bears lately, but we did have a small deer yesterday, but it scampered away quickly.

I have many things I could rant about, but that requires more energy than I am willing to give the frustrations.

Our garden is doing ok. The cucumbers are not doing well this year, but we have had a few tomatoes. We have two plants that are suffering from blossom rot which most likely means the watering has not been as consistent as it needs to be. We have a tiny eggplant, and our horseradish seems to be thriving. It is much too hot for tender plants like lettuce and many of the herbs we enjoy. I did make a marinated tomato and onion salad yesterday with lots of fresh basil from the garden. It was delightful. I think we will have plenty of peppers in a few weeks as well.

Our state had a substantial spike in Covid cases last Thursday. Sometimes that is due to reporting failures which falsely inflate the figures when the corrections are made. Hopefully there will be some clarity early next week. We are still wearing masks in stores, but most people are not. The information flow has again become confusing about what we should and should not be doing with the variant so prominent. Thankfully, everyone in my family of eligible age have been vaccinated.

When hubby ordered his building, somehow the rollup door was not on the order. He made a trip to pick it up and yesterday our friend came and helped him install it. I was worried that it was too big a job for the two of them and it was not without some injuries. I am hopeful both of them are okay, especially our friend who seemed to take the brunt of it

I am hoping this post will help me get back on a more regular blogging routine. I have been reading some blogs, but even that has been challenging.