Monday Missive

I did it. I boarded a plane and flew to Florida. What a glorious feeling to hug my granddaughter and my daughter and daughter-in-law after 15 long months. But of course almost everyone knows what that means since we have all suffered the same quarantine together.

  • I am thankful I had a short flight.  As I was arriving at the airport I received a notice the flight had been delayed 20 minutes. That meant another 20 minutes in the terminal. Eventually we were notified of yet another 20 minute delay so my arrival was an hour later than expected.
  • There were signs posted on the terminal entrance stating masks were mandated. Did everyone comply? Not even close. I wore my mask from the time hubby dropped me off until the time my daughter picked me up. Americans are just a bunch of lawless cowboys and there is no sheriff to be found.
  • It’s hot and humid here. I had forgotten how that feels. We have heat and humidity in the mountains, but it is rare to this extent.
  • My granddaughter is in day care today, but she will be staying home with us Tuesday and Wednesday so we can have some time to play together.
  • Hubby is left at home to try and get his building complete. The concrete was poured last Tuesday and has had time to cure. Now he must wait until the manufacturer can deliver then it’s electricity then final grading.
  • I have been trying to finish this short blog all day. Once I got tired and napped, then I sat on the floor and colored and played house with my granddaughter’s Woodsie house (a family of owls). Those seemed a better use of my time at the moment.



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