Fibbing Friday – A New Take on Idioms

Sometimes the truth just doesn’t cut it for a Friday. Enter Fibbing Friday, hosted by Di – pensitivity 101 – (she has the reins this week) and Frank – PCGuyIV

Here we go!

Complete the following popular proverbs or sayings in your own personal style please!

1. A stitch in time saves bleeding all over the carpet.

2. Too many cooks should really wash their own dishes!

3. Many hands make reading sign language difficult.

4. A bird in the hand will expect you to feed it.

5. Actions speak louder than trying to read minds

6. All that glitters cannot hide the tarnish underneath.

7. People in glass houses should wear their robes or expect to spend a lot of money on suntan lotion.

8. Fools rush in before the brain engages.

9. Don’t count your chickens when the rooster is in the henhouse.

10. Give them an inch and ask them to convert it to centimeters.


22 thoughts on “Fibbing Friday – A New Take on Idioms”

      1. I have a retractable tape measure with inches on one edge, and centimetres on the other. That has worked well for me since so many things have ‘gone metric’ over here. 🙂

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  1. Love your answers 🙂 I knew the centimetre one too – isn’t it funny how certain numbers stick in your mind. I also know sine and cosine of 30, 45, and 60 degrees – don’t ask me why.

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    1. Thank you, Jonathan. I have a few oddities that stuck with me over the years – of course all the computer based numbers, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096. I cannot read hex anymore though. Math and I have a long and difficult relationship.


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