Leaving on a Jet Plane

Last night I made plane reservations to finally go see my family in Florida. Since cancelling when I was diagnosed with shingles, I now feel fully recovered and am anxious to spend some downtime with my three year-old granddaughter and her moms.

I still plan to blog, but perhaps not every day. You can expect to see some photos that are more Florida landscape than North Carolina landscape.

I will be taking full precautions for my short 50 minute flight. Fully masked (double masked) and extremely cautious. Even though I am fully vaccinated, I will take every safety precaution possible.

I am so excited. It has been 15 months since have seen my family and I cannot wait for the adventure. The shared love between us is enormous.

Hubby will be holding down the fort and hopefully finalizing the construction of his workshop. The concrete slab was poured yesterday, so now it must cure. Hopefully things will start moving along at a more rapid pace now.