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Continued thanks to Linda Hill who sponsors this lovely stream of consciousness every week. Every Friday she provides a new word to spark our minds into action.

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Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “collect.” Use the word “collect” any way you’d like. Have fun!

I have been in a writing slump these last few weeks. It is hard to get back into the groove of writing after taking such long breaks. My mind does not seem to want to kick back into gear.

Normally, writing comes quite easily for me. Lately my mind tends to wander into a million different directions which makes collecting my thoughts that much more difficult.

I recently read something another blogger wrote. She said something to the effect that perhaps she had written everything she had to say. That resonated with me. If I dig deep, however, I realize there is so much I could write about, but I am not always inspired to write about every little thing I have experienced.

My mantra goes something like this: “Collect your thoughts, Maggie. What do you want to write about?” Of course my responses find me bringing up topics I have already written about. My brain is in a loop.

Even if I come up with something, my brain goes into diversion mode. Even sitting here at this moment, my mind is wandering.

I should write about growing up in the little church community. Sunday school, preaching, Bible school, and the passing of the collection plate. I think I wrote about revivals, but those were much different than normal church attendance.

My mind even wanders when I try to sleep. It has become my norm now to fall asleep to soothing music. It keeps my mind from running away with thoughts.

With all these thoughts running rampant through my brain, one might think it should be easy to collect them and write. I did recently read that lethargy and brain fog are often a side effect of shingles.

Maybe I am just expecting too much too soon.

22 thoughts on “SoCS – A Menagerie of Thoughts”

  1. My wife couldn’t sleep because of her head being ‘full of stuff’. I got her a ‘white noise machine’, and now she listens to the waves to help her drift off. She said she has never slept better.

    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Be gentle with yourself. Lethargy and brain fog can follow shingles, but lots of people are also having that reaction to this long period of pandemic and uncertainty. For the record, lethargy and brain fog are also part of long-haul COVID, fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue syndrome, and a lot of autoimmune type diseases. Not germane to your situation, but just sharing info for someone else who might be reading this…

    I would say that it isn’t a bad thing to write about topics you have written about before. It can be a way for your brain to get things re-organized and can bring a new insight. People who read your blog regularly will appreciate re-visiting a topic and new readers won’t realize it’s a topic you have touched on previously.

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    1. Thanks for the insight, Joanne. I know I have spent much too much time inside this last year and i know the absence of social interaction has had an impact as well.

      I appreciate your thoughts about reblogging familiar topics. I will definitely give it more thought.

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    1. Shingrix is more effective at preventing shingles than Zostavax (overall: 97.2% vs. 51%, respectively). Shingrix is an FDA-approved vaccine to help prevent the occurrence of herpes zoster (shingles). Zostavax, a shingles vaccine made by Merck & Co, is no longer available on the U.S. market.

      After 7 weeks with shingles I went to my doc to get the shingles vaccine. The first was nothing. The second one made me feel weak and run down for a few days. ANYTHING is better than getting shingles again. IMHO

      The old shot was a live virus. The new one Shingrix is a dead virus. The new one is way more effective.

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  3. I agree with not being too hard on yourself and taking one day at a time. Any writing you do, like here, is good. You might want to try a mindfulness exercise like writing about a favorite object or picture, but don’t worry about the tangents, just let it flow and take good care of yourself.

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