Throwback Thursday – The Tennessee Waltz

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Throwback Thursday brought to you by Jingle Jangle Jungle

“Tennessee Waltz” was written by Pee Wee King and Redd Stewart in 1946. Inspired by “The Kentucky Waltz” by Bill Monroe, lyrics were added to an instrumental piece “The No Name Waltz” which had been the theme song of their band – The Golden West Cowboys – for years. So, on that night in 1946, The Tennessee Waltz was born.

The song is about someone who introduces an old friend to their sweetheart and loses them as they danced to The Tennessee Waltz.

The song was not recorded by the Golden West Cowboys until 1947 and then it was recorded a few months later by Cowboy Copas (a prior member of the Golden West Cowboys).

It was not until 1950 when Patti Page selected it for the B side of a Christmas record (”Boogie Woogie Santa Claus”) that the song hit its stride. Page selected the song because it was a favorite of her father’s, but there was never any intention for the B side to to be played. The disc jockeys felt differently. It was so popular that when the record was re-pressed, “The Tenneesee Waltz” became the hit side and the B side of the record was replaced with another song entirely.

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      1. I was young. We used to sit outside with a soft drink, and then my mum would leave early to take us back to my grandma’s to be put to bed. He would sing solo, or duet with my uncle. (My aunt played the piano for them) He was in great demand, though he wasn’t paid as an entertainer, he just did it for drinks. It went on until my late teens, so I was able to watch them many times.

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