One Liner Wednesday – Mental Health

I started watching the documentary “The Me You Can’t See”,  featuring Oprah and Prince Harry on AppleTV. I found it compelling and heart-wrenching, especially if you know someone who has struggled with any mental health issues.

There is obviously always going to be criticism when celebrities are vocal about issues, but I found it worthwhile to watch and try to listen without judgement. Prince Harry referred to quote I found worth sharing. I had to do some research so I could properly credit the author.

“If we do not transform our pain, we will most assuredly transmit it.”
Richard Rohr

I find the documentary well balanced and inclusive of both celebrities and every day people. I hope we all find ways to heal and to be kind and respectful to those who are struggling.

One liner Wednesday is brought to us each week by the lovely Linda Hill. Please visit Linda’s blog to read the rules, read other one liners, and possibly join in the fun!

17 thoughts on “One Liner Wednesday – Mental Health”

      1. I have been sickened by privilege in this country my whole life, Maggie. Because we have those parasites, we have the aristocracy that hangs onto their coat tails, and the rich friends that seek their favour. I have had my fill of such nonsense. You have Harry now, and you are welcome to him.

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    1. I understand the brouhaha surrounding the royals. We have the same here with many celebrities. This is not about that. It’s about mental health. I can listen to their experiences while putting aside my personal feelings about their lives. I am glad to be ‘unknown’.


    1. I am glad you liked the quote. I suppose the world is divided on the royals. Still, I can listen to what he has to say and see the value in it regardless if my personal feelings.


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