Monday Missive – I’m Back

It seems I have been away for quite some time and have fallen out of my blogging routine. The past couple of weeks have been a bit of a blur, but hopefully I have rounded the corner.

  • It seems I had a very mild case of shingles and I am so thankful. I had minor rashes but the nerve pain was no fun. I cannot imagine havIng a severe case, so as soon as my doctor says it is okay, I will have the vaccine.
  • Hubby seemed to have a good time at the timber framing workshop. There were 12 other attendees from other parts of the country that went to Kentucky to learn about timber framing. In the week they were there, they built a small structure on the instructor’s property that he will eventually use as a wood shed.
  • Besides the snake that managed to get in the house, i had a few minor inconveniences during the time he was gone. It seems a small field mouse found it’s way into my car (how?) and chewed up half a roll of paper towels for nesting material. I had a mess to clean out of my car. And oh, yes, the sunroof shade is stuck in the open position so add one more thing to the list of things to fix. The start switch on the dryer is also acting up again, too. Fun times in the mountains.
  • Hubby is also having a metal building installed down on the lower portion of our property for a workshop where he can do some forging and welding. The grading has been done and the rebar laid so it must now be inspected before the concrete is poured.
  • The gardens are doing well. We have radishes for salads. We planted about 18 food-grade buckets of potatoes which are growing like gangbusters. Our peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers have babies. We lost our dill – most likely to the heat – but our arugula is growing like crazy. The blueberry bushes have berries but I am not sure we will have as many berries as we had last year. We should also have garlic and shallots soon.
  • We are in a dry spell. We have not had any rain in well over a week and none predicted until the end of this week. The heat was intense yesterday – so much so we had to turn on the A/C for the first time this year.
  • I am hopeful I can reschedule my trip to Florida soon. I want to have some time with a certain little 3 year-old and her mommies.