SoCS – Growing, Growing, Grown

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Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “growth.” Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!

I have experienced so much growth when I look back over my life. I think of my gentle youth surrounded by the hills that I called home, completely unaware of the world around me. Now I live in a time where my thoughts are bombarded by the trials and tribulations of the world 24 hours a day. It is too much.

I watched the growth of my children as they grew from babies to toddlers to adolescents and now as adults with families of their own. Their personal growth through this life has been phenomenal, but it is all happening too quickly now. S L O W down.

I remember one night in particular. We went to visit my father, back in the hills where nothing seems to change. I stepped out of the car and walked toward my dad with his arms spread wide. It was the first time I remember thinking ‘he’s getting old’. His hair white with his familiar crew cut and his belly too round stretching the fabric of the white t-shirts he favored. He had grown old. I wonder now if this is how my children might soon see me.

Another visit pops into my mind. It was midnight, we were all out back of the house lying on quilts starting into the sky as a fantastic meteor shower performed in the skies above us. That was a good night. Experiences entrenched in memories are proof of a special type of growth. The type of growth fertilized with love.

I hope this past year of the pandemic has provided growth for many of us in the way we treat our planet and each other. Our state eliminated almost all restrictions yesterday. I hope we have grown enough to handle the freedoms we have again been given.


14 thoughts on “SoCS – Growing, Growing, Grown”

  1. You have some lovely memories indeed. I have never seen a meteor shower.
    I think it is still far too early to end restrictions. We have a current outbreak of the ‘Indian Variant’ in the north of England. Once again caused by the very poor controls of international travel here. It is still so easy for a spike in numbers to happen almost overnight.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Don’t let yourself be bombarded by the trials and tribulations of the world. Keep enjoying those good memories. The one about the meteor shower is a treasure.

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  3. Excellent writing about lovely memories. Thanks.

    I think it was too early to relax all restrictions in our state, without more folks vaccinated. But I’m not now at risk, and can easily stay home, too. I hope it will not be evident in a spike in cases in a couple of weeks.

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    1. Lisa, it almost sounded like a cautionary tale to those who chose not to be vaccinated. Their risk level just skyrocketed.


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