Advice from My Sick Bed

No, don’t worry it’s not Covid. I got my two shots. I found out this week that I have a case of shingles. I am trying to do this update with the dictation feature on my iPad.

From what I can tell I have a fairly mild case but it is painful. My advice to anyone that is 60 years or older is that you should have the shingles vaccine. I had chickenpox as a child and getting the vaccine was on my list but fell to the bottom after a year of postponing so much medical care.

The saddest part of this for me is that I had made the decision to take the short 45 minute flight to Florida to see my daughter and her wife and my three-year-old granddaughter. Unfortunately I had to cancel because while I was OK to travel my granddaughter had not yet been fully vaccinated for chickenpox which she could contract from me. The last thing in the world I would ever do is put anyone of my children or grandchildren or anyone that I care for at risk.

Today I am thankful for a kind and loving husband who is picking up the slack. He has taken great care of me. I did manage to go out and take some pictures today just to lift my spirits. Nature always provides.

If you haven’t gotten your Covid vaccine, rethink it and get in line there’s an abundance of supply now. And if you’re like me and in the senior crowd get the shingles vaccine. It only takes one time to have this to know you never want to experience that pain again.

In the interim I’m OK. I’m on medication and I’m able to just spend my time resting. Each day gets a little better. In 10 days my husband leaves to go to a timber frame building workshop in Kentucky. I know he’s going to have a great time and I will just lay around if necessary and relax while he’s gone.

Don’t be like Maggie. If you’re over 60 go get a shingles vaccine post haste.

(Today is my dad‘s birthday. Normally I would write a post about him and I will do that when I’m feeling better. Happy birthday dad.)


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  1. Oh, Maggie, so sorry that you’re having shingles now. I think all of us that had chicken pox in our youth are at risk, so you’re right to encourage folks to get the improved shot.

    Sending hugs and good energy for quick healing.

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    1. Thank you, Lisa. I have been thinking if you and your upcoming cataract surgery. I am holding pj’s it I’ve thoughts for you. I am improving day by day.


    1. Jonathan, I tried without much success to read while I was recovering. I have several books lying in wait. “The Nightingale” by Kristin Hannah, “The Winekeeper’s Wife” by Kristin Harmel, and “Hill Women” by Cassie Chambers. Hopefully, I can return to reading this week.

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  2. I got my shingles vaccine shortly after I turned 60. I also have had both vaccines against pneumococcal pneumonia and both Covid vaccines. I ain’t taking any chances. If I get sick, Mary will kill me…

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  3. Just rest, as you are, and let your body heal. Shingles is not fun. In the meantime, you took magnificent, soothing pictures!! 😍

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  4. I had two bouts of shingles in my late 30s. I still remember the heat and the pain. I had to cut the sleeves off of old shirts to wear, as I couldn’t bear anything touching my arms. Sleeping was almost impossible, and it made me very down and depressed. I haven’t had it since, and I didn’t even know there was a vaccine for it. I will investigate that.
    Get well soon, dear Maggie.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. How unfortunate you had to experience shingles twice, especially at such a young age. The vaccine is recommended here for anyone over 50. I hope you can get it, Pete.

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        1. That’s unfortunate, Pete. I wonder why a 20 year span in age between our two countries? So many people I know were hit with it in their 60s.

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  5. Hey Maggie so sorry to hear that you are suffering, I have not had shingles but I have had chickenpox twice the second time in my late twenties and boy was I ill … please get well soon 💜💜💜

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    1. Willow, I hope you can get the vaccine for shingles when you are eligible. Here you must be 50 or older. Nerve pain is almost untouchable.


      1. We can and I think I have had it I must check. I am galloping towards 70💜, I know it’s really painful. I do hope you are feeling better 💜💜💜💜

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