Foraging for Food


We had the first radishes from our garden a few days ago. It reminded me that this is ramp season and I thought about this post and wanted to share it again. I am not sure we will be able to find ramps this year since we are not traveling into the mountains much. Our environment is not moist enough nor the elevation cool enough to have them on our property. This year when so many have been homebound, more people have attempted gardens and baking their own bread – me included. I love earthy root vegetables and dark leafy greens. Commercial supermarkets can be very limited on the produce they carry. Have you stretched your culinary muscles during the pandemic?

Day 184

Yesterday as I walked through our local Fresh Market grocery, I ran across a very familiar sight. There in the middle of the produce section was a plastic shrink-wrapped package of fiddlehead ferns with an accompanying placard explaining what they are.

When I lived in Maine and then in Alaska, we frequently foraged for fiddlehead ferns. They were cleaned, blanched and then frozen for consumption during the winter months. It was laborious especially if you gathered a large volume, but so delicious!

Seeing the fiddleheads reminded me of a place in Asheville, No Taste Like Home which offers foraging tours to learn about foraging for wild foods in this area. This is something I have wanted to do since we moved back here and this is the year!

It is a very cool concept. No Taste Like Home promotes itself as an ecotour company that specializes in…

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