Comedic Spam Comments

I always skim my spam comments before I delete them. I got a chuckle out of them this week and I learned so much!

Here’s what I gleaned this week:

  1. Someone thinks I can read Russian. 🇷🇺
  2. I am destined to be a famous blogger. 👩🏼‍💻
  3. Someone’s boss took them out to lunch as a reward for referring them to my blog. 🍝
  4. I have a very kissable mouth.  😳  Ewwww
  5. If I am in the market for male enhancement drugs, I know where to go. 💰
  6. There were at least 20 blogs someone ‘thinks’ I should follow. 🖥
  7. Almost everyone has my blog bookmarked by now. Ha! 🔖
  8. There must be a huge market for selling branded medications.
  9. I added a few words to my blocklist. 🤬
  10. I am fast becoming an expert in my field. 👩🏼‍🌾

Spammers never give up. I imagine many people sitting at their computers copying and pasting these same link-laden comments to any blog they can access. What a horrible way to pass the time. I know many of them get paid minimal fees to push the wares and whims of others. If these got through, I cannot imagine what Akismet caught.