Accountability or the Lack Thereof

I was talking to a friend a few days ago. The conversation went something like this:

Me: “Before I say this, understand I don’t really want it.”

Her: “Ok…?”

Me: “I need an accountability coach but I don’t really want to be accountable.”

Her: ..still listening..

Me: “I don’t really want anyone holding me accountable, though.”

Her: “Maybe you need a dream team – an encourager.”

Me: “Maybe.”

If I was in the workplace and I was my own boss, I’d fire me.  This is me after a year in the pandemic. I set goals for things I want to do, but my follow through is terrible. The only thing I am motivated to do right now is be outside in the midst of spring. Maybe it is because I have spent so much time in these walls, I just want out.

The goals I am setting for myself are simple and still somewhat long range. When can I travel to Florida and see my family? When can my grandchildren spend a week with us? When can we have our family here for dinner? 

Yesterday we spent the day traveling to the local greenhouses buying soil amendments and vegetable starts. Today we will finish replenishing the garden soil and planting. It looks like we may have some cool nighttime temperatures again next week.

Spring is beautiful, but it is a bit different than in years past. Plants seem slower to bloom compared to years past. Azaleas that normally bloom at the same time every year seem to be delayed – some coming to full bloom while others are moving at a snail’s pace. Maybe they are suffering from a lack of motivation, too. After all, the earth has been stressed for so long. Maybe this last year it needed the break just to stretch and relax. I get it.

(This entire post was written using the block editor. I used the classic block for the text portion and the gallery block for the photos. I am dipping my toe into the waters and will post next week on how it’s going for me.)


18 thoughts on “Accountability or the Lack Thereof”

  1. This is how I’ve been feeling too. I just need someone to encourage me and remind me of all the plans I’ve made for my life. But not someone who talks condescendingly when I don’t follow through. Sometimes we just need a gentle nudge from time to time. I don’t have anyone like that in my life right now. Hopefully your friend will be a good support to you. 🌷

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    1. Gentle nudges are in themselves motivating. It has been a difficult year and we are not quite out of the woods yet. I think we all need to be kind to ourselves. Good luck with your plans. Sometimes the first step is the most important one.

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      1. So true… and I think eventually things will start feeling more familiar. I’m participating in National Poetry Month, so at least that’s a start. 😉


  2. You know you can define accountability in different ways: a strict narrow “do it now” interpretation or a more relaxed “I’ll do it when I do it” interpretation. In both cases you’re holding yourself accountable. I, of course, usually go with the second interpretation.

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  3. If you are married, you are always ‘accountable’ to at least one other person. 🙂
    (I would appreciate some tips on how to add images etc using the BE, so will look forward to seeing how you are coping, and how it works.)
    Best wishes, Pete.


  4. I think this has been a hard time for goals, etc, much less accountability! And spring is wonderful right now, too, Fortunately, little was frosted! It’s a time to be gentle with intentions around any sort of “productivity” -in my opinion.

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    1. I agree, Lisa. We finished the prep work on two of our container gardens. One still has chard which I plan to put in soup this evening. It looks like our nighttime temperatures will be a little cooler next week. Such a great time of year.


  5. Interesting Maggie, I was only thinking of you earlier and what seems like a pretty good vaccine rollout at your side of the Atlantic. It is very slow here and hence there are lots of major issues around re-opening.
    As for motivation, I think being a bit of an introvert at any time, I find the lockdowns quite good for creativity and meeting goals. I think the fact that I don’t have burning urges to go places and meet people helps a lot. My sibs are very important to me and I haven’t seen either of them since before the pandemic but we are in regular contact and looking out for each other big time.
    I don’t envisage seeing either of them until well into the summer and they are only about 2 hours away but we won’t be able to move beyond our counties for months yet. I feel it’s all a bit like the weather – out of my control and the main thing is to try and stay healthy and not plan beyond day to day or set projects one can do from home. It will pass eventually. However, I fully realise everyone has different perspectives and personalities and demands on them.

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    1. Even with our vaccine rollout, we are seeing surges here, Jean. It is better to be safe and guarded right now rather than take unnecessary risks. I know you must be looking forward to seeing your sisters again!


    1. Thank you, Dan. I did get a lot accomplished yesterday during a beautiful spring day. I have a few plants in the ground and several flower beds ready to plant. Today it is raining, but still a delightful day.

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  6. After a year when goals were pretty impossible to achieve I am reconsidering whether they are important after all. It appears that contact with real humans is the most important part of my life, not getting anything done.

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