One Liner Wednesday – Wildflowers

“What a lonely place it would be to have a world without a wildflower!”
Roland R Kemler

We saw our first hummingbird today so I put the feeder out. Spring has officially hit her stride. The rose-breasted grosbeaks cannot be far behind. And look what is blooming in the woods!



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32 thoughts on “One Liner Wednesday – Wildflowers”

  1. How nice to see the irises in flower! We haven’t actually seen a hummingbird, but the level of sugar water has gone down quite a bit, so we know they’re coming through…

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    1. We have one male hummingbird thus far. He was quite content to drink the sugar water we provided. The wild irises are so beautiful but they are hard to reach for photos!


    1. We have so many wild trilliums here on our property, but they are a crimson color. I do love the wild irises, they are so beautiful and tucked away in the undergrowth.

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      1. We have a couple of crimson ones too. In Oregon we were always told that if you picked one it would take seven years for it to grow back. I never found out if that was true.

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  2. Yes, indeed the world would be so dull without wildflowers. The first awakening of the spring season. I love wandering in spaces filled with wildflowers.


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