Monday Missive – March 15, 2021

Good Monday morning. I had a bit of a lull this weekend after having my second dose of the vaccine on Friday afternoon. It’s time to play catch up and get started on the week.

  • Friday we had dose 2 of the Moderna vaccine. I was chilled Friday night but never thought to check my temperature. I woke Saturday, still chilled after a restless night. I took my temp and realized I was running a low grade fever. I spent the day under a blanket with a slight headache and achy joints. Roughly 24 hours after my shot all the symptoms had subsided. I was left with a sore arm, but even that is gone now. All well worth it.
  • Late last week I spent a lot of time cooking and baking. I made hummus, kale/chard (from our garden) and potato soup with chorizo sausage, and two loaves of pineapple macadamia nut bread. The bread is from a recipe out of the Mary and Vincent Price cookbook adapting well known dishes from famous restaurants for the home kitchen. It is so tasty, but the next time, I think I will add coconut.
  • Our lovely spring weather will pause a little this week bringing rain and some cooler evening temperatures. The weekend may bring low temperatures close to freezing.
  • Wednesday I am taking Mary Smith’s workshop. So excited!
  • I have been following the CDC changes in their recommended guidance for fully vaccinated people and what it is safe for us to do. We do not plan to change much about our daily activities, but I really want to see my family. One of our daughters and her husband received their first dose of the vaccine, so we are one step closer in having some much needed family time. No other members of our family are yet eligible for the vaccine. And now we have the variants to also consider.
  • We have postponed clearing our property of fallen branches and leaves. These areas are so important for insects that winter over. Many of the ground feeding birds are finding their meals scratching in the leaves.
  • One pair of our bluebirds have definitely begun laying eggs. There is a nest in the other birdhouse, but we have not seen much activity there of late. In 30 days the hummingbirds should return and will remain until they migrate in the fall. Such a rewarding time to observe nature.
  • I have been trying to observe small changes as I take my walks. Color is appearing in the distant trees. It will transform quickly now.

26 thoughts on “Monday Missive – March 15, 2021”

  1. Good morning. My spring indicators are new buds on the pomegranate trees, daffodils sprouting, and unfortunately gophers running amuck under my garden. So glad more and more family are getting vaccinated.

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  2. So nice that you have bluebirds! We’ve never had quite the right habitat for them, but I used to monitor our boxes at the SC Botanical Garden, using a portable mirror to check on eggs, etc. Enjoy!

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    1. They are so interesting to observe. We had three pair, but one male was very aggressive with the others at the feeder. We are down to one pair now. Hubby checks the nest with a mirror, too.


  3. We had our second Pfizer shots this morning at the gigantic drive through site manned by the National Guards. All went smoothly. So far just a headache which I also had last time. We will see if more symptoms come on as they well may.

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