Weekly Music Challenge Week 10

I was really intrigued by the Weekly Music Challenge (hosted by Jingle Jangle Jungle) this week, so I decided to dip my toe in the pond and play along. I am not exactly sure what is generally included so I will wing it a bit.

First up: TV Show Theme Song

The lyrics for ”Rawhide” were written by America lyricist Ned Washington and composed by the renowned Russian Jewish composer Dimitri Tiomkin. The song was originally recorded by the legendary Frankie Lane.


Second:  A Coin

“Three Coins in the Fountain” was written by Jule Styne (melody) and Sammy Cahn (lyrics). They cut a demo record for the movie of the same name with Frank Sinatra singing. Unfortunately for the studio they failed to sign the contract with the composers which allowed them to retain all rights to the song.

Third: Time of Day

I chose “In the Midnight Hour” written by Wilson Pickett and guitarist Steve Cropper. Cropper says the intro was composed by following the dots on the neck of the guitar. (Songfacts)

What fun this was! Thanks for allowing me to play along!

14 thoughts on “Weekly Music Challenge Week 10”

    1. Thanks for the comment first of all because I caught my iPad’s insistence on autocorrecting name spelling. I missed it when I edited. Thanks for the link to the story about Styne. Such an amazing talent! Tiomkin had quite a history, too. These guys were geniuses.


      1. They were. I just started listening to a book about Rodgers and Hammerstein that was recommended by another blogger. Those guys were geniuses, too…

        Autocorrect is more trouble than it’s worth. I turn it and spell check off right up front. I’d rather foul up a spelling than have the whole sense of what I was writing changed by autocorrect.

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        1. Great advice about spell check.

          So many great composers were relatively unknown to the feneral population. I look forward to your blog hop in May.

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  1. Although I can’t say I like it, this TV show theme song has stuck in my head for years!

    A coin is easy, one of my favourite old songs.

    Back to my 1960s youth for this song from The Kinks. (Afternoon)

    Best wishes, Pete. 🙂


    1. Thanks, pete. These are all great and familiar choices to me. The Banana Splits were live action performers at Kings Island Amusement Park when I lived in Ohio. I remember the song and their slapstick antics well. Pennies from heaven is a wonderful song.

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  2. Oh dandy, I now have the Rawhide theme song in my brain. What a flashback to my childhood that song is. I used to run around with my cowgirl hat on and sing this song.

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  3. My tv theme song is from the Howdy Doody Show! Now it is going around in my mind. I once taught it to my grandchildren(don’t ask me why) and they sing it to torment me, especially in the altered version I was using by fifth grade. “And as for Clarabelle I hope he goes to …Hello everybody it’s Howdy Doody time.”

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