Monday Missive – 12 Days Until Spring

This week looks to be warmer and more spring-like with no rain in the forecast for the week. I cannot tell you how much I have been looking forward to a week like this!

  • The dogwoods are full of buds. Soon they will reveal a yellow tinged flower that will turn bright white and frame my driveway beautifully. We do have a few pink dogwoods interspersed which are also a delight.
  • There are a few buds on some of the redbud trees as well. Looking to the very tops of the trees, it ie easy to see leaves will not be long until all the bare trees are covered in new leaves.
  • The bluebirds have become very protective of the supply of mealworms at the feeders resulting in diving from atop a tree to scare away competing bluebirds.
  • Friday we get our second Covid-19 vaccination. It will be a relief to be fully vaccinated. I know it will not change our behavior much until more people are vaccinated, but I am hopeful I will be able to hug my grandchildren (at least some of them) soon.
  • We finished watching “The Queen’s Gambit” and are now watching episodes of “Finding Faith” on Acorn, and “Collateral” on Netflix. We are also waiting on the final season of “The Split”, but looks like that may be next year. All good shows.
  • The first official day of spring is now only 12 days away. Yay!
  • We bought dirt to refresh our container gardens for spring planting. I planted a spring flower mix that I can safely bring inside if temperatures drop. We still have cabbage, broccoli, kale and Swiss chard from last year. Our shallots and garlic are hopefully going to produce edible bulbs soon.
  • Our mums are peeking through the ground as are our irises. We have one or two azalea blooms, too!
  • We finished all the kolaches. I posted a couple of photos below.

Enjoy your week. I am going to be loving every minute!


13 thoughts on “Monday Missive – 12 Days Until Spring”

      1. I have several projects planned, but it’s too early to start. We’ve had serious snow storms as late as April. I don’t ever risk bringing the cars out of the garage or putting the snow blower away in March. But, I was just outside sitting with our dog – it’s 57 today, so that’s very nice.

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  1. I was delighted by the CDC guidelines today which used as an example grandparents wanting to visit a daughter and her children. It is apparently safe, indoors without masks. Hallelujah.

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    1. So was I! I am waiting to see if recommendations change much over the coming weeks while I go through my two-week post-2nd-shot vaccination period. I want to see my family.

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  2. I like the look of those kolaches!
    After a burst of weather warm enough to see me out wearing shorts for three days, it has returned to winter here. Heavy rain and gale-force winds arriving from the Atlantic tomorrow, set to disrupt the whole week. Oh well it is England. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. A lovely blog full of hope and good things….one thing worries me:
    “Our mums are peeking through the ground as are our irises. We have one or two azalea blooms, too!” Your mum’s??😯
    Loved all the TV serials you mentioned. Roll on spring 💜💜💜

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