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This week’s prompt:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “-sty.” Find a word that ends in “-sty” or use the word “sty.” Enjoy!

Since Linda said we should enjoy our writing today, I am going with the -sty I like the most – misty.

What a perfect day to use that word because it was definitely misty outside when I woke up this morning. The rain had ceased overnight and a light fog settled in making the morning misty. Our mountain area often has misty mornings. The type of weather where it is not raining, yet a mist will form on any surface from the moisture in the air.

The next thing that popped in my mind was the song “Misty” sung by Johnny Mathis. What a silky and gorgeous voice he has. I have listened to him all my life. Misty was released around 1959 so I was a young child, but my parents played his albums often. I would like to remind you that Linda’s instructions asked us to enjoy, so please enjoy this clip.

I am a sentimentalist, did you know that? I have a big heart and consider myself an empath. It is not unusual for me to get all misty-eyed at a tender moment in a movie, or reading a touching passage in a book. I have also been known to shed a few tears at just the right puppy or baby YouTube video.

And that confession made me think of an old country song I thought I’d leave right here for all the sentimental people like me. Enjoy!


25 thoughts on “SoCS – Misty”

  1. I was drawn to the word, misty, too and thought of the silky song. So glad you included it! My parents were very sentimental, and I tried to fight it when I was younger, but embrace the truth I inherited while reading my father’s letters from Vietnam. He was more sentimental than I ever ever knew – proof we can be sentimental and strong.

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    1. It’s interesting what we can glean from getting a glimpse of our younger parents. I like a good sentimental person. We are a hearty bunch I think. Misty is such a great song and I am happy to hear you like it , too.

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  2. We’ve had some misty evenings here, as the snow disappears. I’ve always loved that song, and Johnny Mathis’s version is among the best.


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