Monday Missive and a Blog Question

It’s another rainy morning here in the foothills. Looks like rain off and on all week. I keep reminding myself it is only 33 days until the first day of spring.

  • Hubby signed up for a weekend of virtual music with Jay Ungar and Molly Mason. Jay wrote wrote the song “Ashoken Farewell” which was played beautifully by hubby’s daughter and niece at our wedding. It was a beautiful violin and piano duet. He really enjoyed his virtual weekend.
  • I, on the other hand, took part in the Great American Backyard Bird Count sponsored by The Cornell Lab. People all around the world count the birds they see and totals are tallied. The loss of birds over the years has been devastating. In the U.S. and Canada alone, breeding adult populations have declined by 3 Billion since 1970.

Backyard bird count

  • Blog question: Joey told me about a Cherished Blogfest event. I did a search and followed, but the dates did not seem to be from any recent time period. Anyone know more about this?
  • As you know we had our first injection of the Moderna vaccine Friday evening. Our sore arms are completely gone now and we are happy to report there have been no other side effects for either of us.
  • Speaking of the vaccine, I think we were rather fortunate to get an appointment. I checked this morning and there do not appear to be any other available appointments. I am reading of vaccine shortages nationally, I am counting my blessings.
  • Covid case counts appear to be decreasing, but from what I read this morning, it is not yet attributed to the vaccine. It looks like people were more careful following the last of the holidays. There is a fear that if states lift mask mandates and open up too early, the numbers will again increase.
  • All but one of our grandchildren are back in school or daycare. One in college, one in high school, two in private elementary school, and one in Daycare. The remaining child is continuing with homeschooling.
  • My niece in Texas got snow and very cold temperatures over the weekend. Much colder than here. They are predicting 6-8 inches before it is all over. There were more than 2.6 million people without power Monday morning.
  • It’s times like this I appreciate my small footprint in the mountains.

14 thoughts on “Monday Missive and a Blog Question”

  1. Hi Maggie glad to hear you are both okay after your vaccinations. I have not heard of the Cherished Blogfest either, sorry I can’t help,
    Be safe all of you , 💜💜💜


  2. 3 billion birds? Oh my. that sounds horrible.

    I was one of the organizers of the Cherished Blogfest. It was quite successful in it’s inaugural year, but less successful the second year. We moved it from July to October in response to a lot of complaints about vacation scheduling, etc. Then October conflicted with a lot of other blogging events. When it came time to prepare for the third year, there wasn’t much interest from participants and even less from people willing to help. Part of the problem was “how many cherished things do you have?”

    Several members of the organizing team joined Damyanti Biswas in founding the We Are The World Blogfest, which runs on the last Friday of every monthe. I try to participate in that every month, although I don’t usually make it on Friday, and I try to help cohost once or twice a year.

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    1. Thanks for the update, Dan. Looks like I missed out. I write about so much nostalgia, I thought it might be right up my alley.

      I do try to participate in the We Are The World Blogfest when I remember the date.

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