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This week’s prompt:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “flag.” Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!

There’s a flag down on the play!

That’s the first thing that popped into my mind. Then I went directly to the red flags on wire that follow the buried power cables on our property. Hubby called the “Call Before You Dig” hotline and they came out and marked the path where underground tables are buried. They do not lay these cables in the most direct path I imagined so I am glad he called them. His plans are to install some wooden steps that lead from the elevation of the house down to the lower level of the property.

When I lived in Maine, winter meant ice fishing. Now sometimes ice fishing means fishing with a pole inside an ice shack where you are somewhat guarded from the cold. Then other times you take an auger and drill holes in the ice and set up what we called ice traps. Ice traps are nifty little devices like a tripod of sorts that is set up over the hole in the ice. There is a flag on a wire that is bent and clipped down. If a fish takes the bait, the trap is released and the flag springs up so you can see from a distance when it is time to check the trap. Ingenious!

I think this flags the end of my post. 🏳️I surrender.

16 thoughts on “SoCS – Flag”

  1. Nice work, Maggie. I never understood the reference to the flags for ice fishing until recently. I think a car company is using that scene in an ad. “There’s a flag on the play” can be heartbreaking to a fan.

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    1. I was never a big fan of the cold, so ice fishing was not my forte, but I can appreciate the ingenuity. And football fans do hate hearing that phrase unless it was called on the other team.

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  2. Your examples seem very American, which is understandable. Ice fishing is almost unknown here, though we do have men with flags on the sidelines at soccer matches. They are fast being made redundant by ‘video referees’. I was thinking back to a time when motor cars were considered to be so dangerous, the owner had to employ a man with a flag to walk in front of them. 🙂

    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. There were many choices when it comes to flags, Pete. Your mention of flagmen with cars was a new one for me, though. How interesting. We also have flags on our mailboxes to flag the postman, indicating we have a letter to be picked up.

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