Monday Missive

Good morning friends. I took the weekend off, so no blogging. I had a bout of vertigo Friday evening and the medication keeps me in a sleepy, drowsy aura for at least 24 hours. I was looking forward to writing a blog based on Linda’s SOCS prompt so I may still write it one day this week. Sunday was a day of recovery and now I am back.

  • We are still waiting on our turn to get the vaccine. Our county will only get 200 doses per week for the next three weeks. That will not cover the February appointments that had to be cancelled. We are just trying to be cautious and wait patiently.
  • I did manage to make a loaf of wheat bread yesterday. It is delicious and a slice toasted will be nice to have with an egg this morning.
  • had many of their classes on sale last week. I was able to sign up for three art classes for about $40 in total. It is a series on classical drawing, so I really look forward to the classes. I decided against continuing the online art class I took two weeks ago. While drawing was nice, there was no opportunity for instruction or feedback.
  • I receive a daily writing prompt via text from Patti Digh, a local author and speaker. I do not use them all, but the prompt today excites me, so you will see it here later this week.
  • Our weather this past weekend held predictions of snow and ice of which we received neither. We had rain and some wind, but it was rather unremarkable. It was cold with the wind. It reminds me how important it is to include the weather when we write. It is a mood changer.
  • I am doing well steering clear of too much news. With the impeachment looming, and the situation with the virus questionable, it behooves me to exercise self care.
  • Text message, conversations, and videos from our grandchildren have kept me somewhat balanced. And I think balance is very important to me right now.
  • I hope your weekend went well and I wish you a lovely week ahead.
Photo by Snapwire from Pexels (altered)

17 thoughts on “Monday Missive”

    1. Thank you, Mary. I am much better today. Words are interesting, aren’t they? That one just popped up today. It looked funny when I wrote it, but it stuck! I hope you are feeling a bit of relief these days. I just saw the photos you posted over the weekend. Will comment there.

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  1. I said ‘Behooves’ in a best man speech once. (Though I pronounced it ‘be-hoves’) People thought I had made up the word!
    I couldn’t write over the weekend, nor today. I seem to be in a bit of a ‘block’.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. I pray your vertigo diminishes. I’ve struggled with that so I feel you. The weather really does impact us to our cores. Thank you for sharing and I hope you have a great week. Aren’t families awesome to put a smile on our faces when we need it?

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  3. Like I always say: it’s better to not follow the news and be uninformed than to follow it and be misinformed.

    When you mentioned about Udemy, I went and checked it out. There are lots of courses on Python programming, but my code-slinging days are long past. And those were the only ones I found interesting.

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    1. My husband looks at the programming courses. He bought a few for our 14 year old granddaughter. He also plunks around with Raspberry Pi. Not me. Sounds like work. Give me art or writing or anything else.


      1. I took a really good multimedia storytelling course from Iversity a few years ago. I went out there today to look for it to tell you about it, and Iversity has folded. I tried taking the data analysis course from Udemy, and it moved so slow that I lost interest.

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        1. I did spend a lot of time looking at reviews from prior students and watched the previews to get a feel for the material and the instructor’s methodology. There were quite a few I said no to.

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