A Word on Comments and Following

Since I have several new followers, I thought it might be helpful to share how I approach comments and following new blogs.  If other established bloggers have other ideas, I invite you to leave a comment and share your thoughts.

First of all, initially, no comments are posted until I have approved at least one comment from that person. For me, it requires several steps before that happens.

  1. First, I read the comment. Does it make sense in response to the post? If it seems way out in left field, the comment will be deleted.
  2. If the comment makes sense, I then check the website and Gravatar (Globally Recognized Avatar) associated with the user.
  3. If the Gravatar seems authentic (meaning there is a photograph of some sort and a profile or links to a blog or website), then I check the blog or the website. If either is obviously fake (no about, no content, only an aggregator, default WordPress pages and posts), then the comment will likely be deleted. EXCEPTION: I do realize I have followers that do not have blogs or websites, but I generally know them or can tell if the email address is valid.
  4. Once the first comment is approved, further comments will be approved automatically.

What I will do:

  1. Read all comments.
  2. Respond to comments. Some comments that are simple like a smiley face, I may just ‘Like’.
  3. Block commenters, URL’s, and spammers in a heartbeat.
  4. Check out your website or blog. If I find what you write interesting or compelling, I may follow you.

What I will NOT do:

  1. Follow your blog just because you ask me to.
  2. Tolerate any disrespectful comments to me or any of my followers.
  3. Allow spam comments or comments or referrals to spammy websites.
  4. Leave a comment asking any other blogger to follow me.

My advice to new bloggers is to write authentically. If you love animals, write about animals. If you love photography, share your photos and how you approach photography. If you are a mom struggling with life in the pandemic, write about that. If you are a writer, share some of your work. If you love music, share it and tell the world why you love it. Just be yourself. Authenticity comes through in your writing. Engage with bloggers you follow. Leave comments and when the blogger responds, acknowledge them.

This blogging community is a generous one. If you have questions for a blogger you like, ask the question.

Note: If you do not have a Gravatar or understand what they are, start here:  How to Sign Up for an Account


18 thoughts on “A Word on Comments and Following”

  1. We almost have to have some kind of system about comments, Maggie. More than once I’ve called myself a “blog-tater.” My blog is my sanctuary, not a forum for just *whatever*. It’s good to set boundaries.
    Hugs on the wing.

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    1. Spammers get more and more creative. It is such a waste of time. I cannot imagine letting them show up without moderation.


    1. I have one determined spammer that leaves at least 10 comments a day. If they were not moderated, I would be overwhelmed with spam comments.

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      1. You can go into your settings, under Discussion, and block spammers using either key words (I send any comment with the word “porn”) or by URL directly to you Trash folder.

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  2. Good advice, Maggie. Spammers are getting a lot better at the art of faking comments. It isn’t always obvious. I try to always reply. Sometime, I miss one. I recently replied to a comment from three years ago! Fortunately, the blogger is still active.

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  3. OK, you already know I have basically the same policy because it is sensible and like you I’ve been writing a blog forever. The feature of your process that sticks out to me is: “Respond to comments. Some comments that are simple like a smiley face, I may just ‘Like’.” I’m glad you mentioned this because I don’t know what to do about those sort of [pseudo] comments. They seem kind of pointless to me, but I don’t want to be rude, you know?

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    1. I always chuckle because I have a couple of friends who are ‘final word’ people. Text strings and emails are always responded to and will go on forever if I do not simply stop responding. I love these people so I am okay with acknowledging their kindness and moving on. I have a limit set in WordPress that controls how many nested comments can appear on my blog. We all figure out what works best for us.

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    1. I think most of us have. I still get comments asking me to follow and the blogs are usually aggregators or advertisements.


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