Monday Missive

Welcome to a rainy and foggy Monday in the foothills of North Carolina. The fog has the mountains well hidden this morning and the earlier rain has given way to an occasional drizzle.

  • Today we celebrate the 8th wedding anniversary of my daughter and her wife. It has been fun re-living the event through photographs and shared memories. Considering all the hurdles thrown at them, they are happy and building on a very solid foundation of which I am very proud.
  • I started my morning by an early run to Costco scheduled so I could arrive and shop during senior hours. I think the rain may have discouraged more people from being there because it was not at all crowded. No line at the check-out. I was in and out in under an hour.
  • We had another gorgeous although pastel sunset the other night which often happens when the cloud cover is just right. It reminded me we are only 54 days away from spring.
  • Remember my disaster of pizza rolls I attempted to make? Well, while not pizza rolls, I did find a lovely recipe for pepperoni bites that turned out great. As with all recipes, I tweak and add filling and spices, but at least the dough had a beautiful rise this time!
  • I decided not to take the Monday art class again today. It was not quite what I expected and I did not get a good vibe from the class. Since there was no instruction per se, I can simply draw on my own with the same result and save another 2 hours of Zoom time.
  • The pine siskins are back at the feeder. If we have four feeders out, they will  cover them all. They do not seem to care for meal worms, but anything else is fair game. They are very aggressive to other siskins, but they do not seem to be with other birds. The cardinals do not like all the fluttering around the feeders, but the bluebirds will plow their way in to get their share.
  • We have completed the survey to get our Covid vaccination, but there are no appointments yet available. I check every day and hope our number will come up soon.
  • I am doing well tempering my time reading the news and scrolling through social media now that the inauguration is over. It has been good for me.
  • It’s predicted to be 72° F (22° C) tomorrow with lows back in the mid 20° F range Thursday and Friday. What crazy weather.
  • Have a great week everyone.