Monday Missive

It seems like these last few days have lasted a month. I have still not recovered enough to write much in the way of lighthearted posts. That being said, here’s my best shot at putting thoughts on paper (sic).

  • “Measure twice, cut once.” Words I remember from the television show “This Old House” exchanged between Bob Vila and Norm Abram. I will stretch its meaning by advising you to check your documentation once, twice, thrice. I found a document I’ve had for almost 4 years that may answer some genealogy questions which have stumped me in my research since I began.
  • Yesterday I mentioned we have been watching another UK show “Detectorists”. Neither of us really understand why we enjoy it so much, but we do. We just finished the series “No Offence” which was good – but whoah – rather graphic in places.
  • I am trying not to think about what is happening in my country, but it is all I can think about. Watching tv or working on projects helps, but it is just so heartbreaking to me. As a veteran, it is so hard for me to fathom. I never thought I would see this day.
  • I just signed up for a Zoom art class this afternoon. I am anxious to see how that goes.
  • We ordered seed potatoes to be delivered in March. We bought some early, mid, and late harvest potatoes. We are going to try the container method and see what happens.
  • My writing class is moving along although I have yet to be presented with a subject I am finding compelling enough to compose any essay-like material. The response to everything seems to be colored by the pandemic.
  • We are now in the group available to get the vaccine. We have completed the interest survey but all appointments are booked through the month of February unless they receive more of the vaccine. At least I feel like we have made the first step.
  • The last few nights I resumed my practice of falling asleep to soothing music. This is still my Go-To sleep music if you need something to relax to:

30 thoughts on “Monday Missive”

  1. Thank the music is lovely, I might try it. No offense is very graphic but I loved it so funny….well to my sense of humour… Such as it is at the moment.
    You cannot change the mess that is your Nations scourge at the moment no amount of worry or regret will change it. What will be will be.
    Be hugs to you.
    Here is my go to sleep music of the moment.

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    1. We did enjoy the series a lot. DCI Banks was fairly graphic, too. We loved The Split” and Bomb Girls, too. Thanks for sharing your sleep music. It is always good to have options.


  2. You mentioned how much you like Acorn. I do too. Without a doubt, Murdoch Mysteries are worth the price channel alone. Not that there isn’t other good things on it as well. I also subscribe to Brit Box. The UK shows are, in my opinion, so much better than today’s US TV.

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    1. Don we do enjoy our British television shows. I couldn’t even tell you what shows are on in our country since we cancelled cable. What types of shows are on Brit Box?


  3. I am wondering how long it will take the Biden team to create a real plan for virus distribution. The fact that they have to build a real plan – because Trump and his team had no plan is very disappointing. Very disappointing – that description fits the Trump administration and four years of his presidency. A series of highly touted events with no plan behind any of them. And I have not even gotten to the fact that most if not all of these events were ill conceived and fruitless. If not downright disastrous. Is he gone yet ?
    Good luck with your seed potatoes. I hope you get a nice harvest.

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    1. John, I am praying we get through tomorrow without incident and without any loss of life. These last few weeks have taken a toll on my mental health. I am trying to keep my circle small, both politically and health wise. I want to spend some time with my children and grandchildren and maybe even take a nice road trip.

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  4. ‘No Offence’ is my kind of TV. (It is deliberately over the top, as policing is nothing like that here) Joanna Scanlan is an actress who is not afraid to take on any part, no matter what she looks like. It is not considered that ‘graphic’ here though. If you can find it over there, I really recommend ‘Happy Valley’, a cop show starring the wonderful Sarah Lancashire. I know it was on Netflix, and if you find it, make sure to watch it from the start of series 1, as the storylines continue throughout.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. I love Joanna in this role, Pete. I looked for ‘Happy Valley’. It is no longer on any of the streaming services we have. I guess DCI Banks was a bit more graphic than No Offence – at least in the earlier shows. I liked “Bomb Girls” but it became a little less believable as the series went on.

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  5. Maggie, I had filled out forms for the vaccine last night but it’s only a waiting list!  We are really doing poorly in AZ in every way. Rates the highest in the country, not enough vaccine and being poorly distributed!  Lose lose! I’m praying President Biden calls in the covid calvary!! 

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    1. Susan got her first dose in Florida. We were not supposed to be in this group, but when the CDC lowered their recommendations to include 65 and over, we got bumped up. Still no appointments though.


      1. Our group has come up but there’s no vaccine for appointments! Can’t wait for tomorrow and hoping our NEW genuine President gets this process going!!

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  6. I admire how you are taking art and writing classes and doing what you can for a good life in spite of the things beyond our control. Looking forward to listening to that relaxing music.

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    1. The art class was not easy, but that may be more the expectations of myself more than anything else. I always enjoy writing so it is definitely good for me.

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  7. I appreciate your mention of the writing class and the fact that it has yet to inspire. I hope you had the chance to watch the inauguration( I am responding on Wednesday.) While it brought me to tears it definitely lifted my spirits.

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