Disappointing Weather

I was all hyped up for our first snowfall of the winter. Maybe it is all the stress of the last few days, but I was looking forward to snow. It was not predicted to be a lot – only 1 to 3 inches – but I had snow day plans!

I would wake to a soft layer of snow covering the walkways and clinging to the trees. The world would be a softer place today. I would enjoy my coffee with hubby while watching the birds leave their prints in the new-fallen snow. I would make a big pot of vegetarian chili while watching the snow fall. Then, the weather would warm up and the snow would slowly melt away.


I woke to a warmer day than predicted and no snow on the ground. Just rain. Well, if I am 100% accurate we did see a few flakes fall. The world does not seem softer and now making chili will not be near as much fun.

I needed a snow day. Or maybe I just wanted a snow day. Regardless, it didn’t happen and I am sorely disappointed.

“The sun did not shine. It was too wet to play. So we sat in the house. All that cold, cold, wet day.”
Dr. Seuss, The Cat in the Hat

21 thoughts on “Disappointing Weather”

  1. We were lucky enough to get some snow here, although not as much as was expected. And it’s heavy, wet snow, so not that much fun. It’s still pretty, though.

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    1. Not the best for snow to play in. Heavy wet snow is damaging to the trees. With the warm temperatures, it would have melted quickly.


    1. That’s funny Jean. I do have Irish ancestors that came to this country in the 1700’s. The surname is ‘Cuddy’ (that may be some derivative spelling) possibly from DONAGHMORE,TYRONE,IRELAND (I do not know for sure). I have always dreamed of traveling to Ireland.


      1. Maggie, do you know the music of Joe Cuddy. He died very recently but was a huge star here in Ireland when I was a teenager. Any Dream will Do, is one of my favorites of his. Wonder if there’s any connection.

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          1. I found him and listed to the song. So beautiful. Thank you for sharing his work. It would be wonderful if we were related by some distant curcumstance.


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