Everyone’s Drunk Uncles Came to Town

I am not a political writer. There are so many bloggers here that are far superior in that arena. I can only speak from my heart, and it can be hard to choke those words onto a page. I believe in fair and equitable discourse and by writing about politics, I think the possibility of an honest exchange and dialogue does not always happen.

Yesterday, in my country, I saw the worst of our citizens attempt to stage a coup. It was a nightmarish display of the worst incited behavior imaginable. The hallowed halls of our legislature were ransacked by armed criminals. All in an effort to usurp the very democratic principles on which our country is founded.

The madness that unfolded in our capital yesterday was orchestrated and encouraged by our 45th President, the office sworn to “preserve, protect, and defend” our Constitution. It was a deplorable display played out for all the world to see and the majority of law abiding citizens could do nothing but sit and watch in horror. It was something I never could have imagined I would ever witness.

The aftermath will be damaging for years to come. I sat up and watched Congress complete the work they were there to do. Joe Biden will be the next President of the United States, and Kamala Harris the next Vice-President. As I watched, it was obvious to me there are players in our government grooming themselves to be the next threat to our democracy – and that is frightening.

So what happens now? With 13 days remaining in office, what becomes of a President who turned his back on the rules of law that govern our country? There are remedies, but they are a governed by the rule of law and those remedies take time. I fear so much of this damaging behavior will be swept under the rug because of time. And I find that the most distressing concern of all. I hope I am wrong.

The majority of the rioters who breached the Capital yesterday, walked away unscathed and without punishment. They were a mob. A few will be identified, but most will not. They walk away proud in some bizarre and twisted way.

We are not perfect. Our government is not perfect. The last four years have proven that beyond a doubt. It is where we go from here that will matter most. I wish I could say I am confident we will do the right things to protect the very essence of who we are – or who we thought we were. A lot of Americans chose to show their true colors in our Capital yesterday. They left patting themselves on the back for a job well done while the rest of America wept.