Monday Missive

I am happy to announce that most of my spammers took the holiday to spend time with their families. The bad news? They’re back. I knew it would not last long.

  • Hubby and I decided to take a drive north on the Parkway yesterday. Unfortunately, when we arrived, the road was closed due to ice, snow, and fallen trees. It was a nice short drive just the same. Just no long range mountain vista photographs to share.
  • A judge in the UK ruled Assange could not be extradited to the US due to mental health concerns. I am sure he would attempt suicide if he knew he was being extradited.
  • I am looking forward to finding myself on the other side of this week when, hopefully, all news about elections will be finished.
  • Hubby is making a potato leek soup today while I start my writing class. We certainly love our soups on these cooler winter evenings. I will bake a ‘pone’ of cornbread to go along with it.
  • I did not have the time to write for Song Lyric Sunday yesterday. If I had, I was going to write about the song ‘Gravity’ and/or ‘Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag’.
  • For my followers, I have a question posed to me by a new blogger. ‘What criteria do you use to decide whether or not to follow a new blogger?’ Feel free to weigh in by leaving a comment. It might be a good post for long-time bloggers to share for the benefit of new writers entering the blogosphere. Food for thought.

That’s it for me today. Have a good post holiday week.