On Being a Backslider

I was very familiar with this term growing up being used when a person of faith fell back into their old sinful ways. But today, I am referring to regressing in my consumption of news.

During the holiday season I was content to limit my consumption of the news, but now in this weird lull while we again wait for the election to again be confirmed, and for vaccines to roll out, I find myself consuming more news.

I have yet to find one news outlet unbiased. Of course, everyone of us comes to each other with some level of bias although we are remiss to admit it. But in my mind, I feel like the news media should be more neutral – and they never are.

I find myself between the proverbial rock and a hard place. I want to know the truth about the virus, the vaccines, and the region where I (and my family and friends) reside. I want to know what precautions to take. Why do I look. I know what to do. Stay home. Mask up. Keep people at bay.

The news the governor had for us the end of December was bleak. Anyone under the age of 40 (not sure why that age) who traveled outside their home for the holidays should consider themselves positive for the virus and should go get tested. No one over 65 should enter any indoor space where people may not be masked. Groceries and medicines should be delivered if at all possible. Mask up EVERY TIME you leave your house, and wear a mask around others – even if outside and socially distanced.

The variant of the virus is in the US. It is more easily transmissible, but no new guidance on what that means really. Is this why the new precautions?

Meanwhile the rollout of the vaccine is not without problems. From those mistakenly given an injection of antibodies rather than the vaccine, to the individual who caused 500 doses of the vaccine to be destroyed, I cannot help but wonder how long until we will be eligible to be vaccinated. And then, we must consider we may still be capable of spreading the virus.

This coming week will be a nightmare for political news with the election runoff in Georgia and Congress meeting to formally count and accept the electoral votes.

This week I welcome my writing course. I am hopeful I will get back to consuming less news. This was the scene in my back yard last evening. Those are the things I need to focus on rather than the constant churning of the headline machine.

Stay safe.