One Liner Wednesday – Christmas Countdown


Conversation with my granddaughter:

Me: “Are you anxious for Christmas?”

Her: (Pause) “No.”

Me: “What? You aren’t anxious for Christmas?”

Her: (Pause) “Wait! What does anxious mean?”




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15 thoughts on “One Liner Wednesday – Christmas Countdown”

    1. You better work on your dictionary and find a better word for the excitement, inability to sleep at night, countless dreams and the fear that perhaps they were ‘good enough child’, or that Santa might mix up names in the lists, or that may be, just may be…he might forget their address…
      They are Santa-xious.

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      1. My youngest granddaughter who is 3 was definitely Santa-xious worrying about him coming down the chimney and in her house while she was sleeping. I don’t ever remember that type of anxiousness as a child, but it is a different world.

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        1. My daughter is three. So, I understand her to some level. Children are more aware, more intelligent, and spend more time indoors. Hence the never-ending energy along with Christmas excitement can be overwhelming

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        1. True. One of Webster’s definitions is “ardently or earnestly wishing” but 2020 has definitely colored anxious in one particular way I think.

          This has definitely been a grandmother learning moment – or as my mom used to say – Choose your words wisely.

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