The Lethargy of Dreams

Dreams written in clouds
Image by Biljana Jovanovic from Pixabay

This morning I sat straight up in bed, my heart pounding from a dream I was experiencing. It was an emotionally charged dream but not scary at all. I couldn’t shake the feeling that I had forced myself to wake up. I was startled awake as if a horrible disturbance had pulled me out of a deep sleep.

Since waking, I have remained in a bit of a dream fog I cannot seem to shake. I have enjoyed my first cup of coffee but am slow to move into the abundance of this day. The sun is pouring through the window urging me forward, but my mind stays attached to this dream and honestly, I cannot see why it was so disturbing.

There are so many opinions about the interpretation of dreams, I will not even attempt to analyze this one. I just need to better occupy my mind and shake the sluggishness that wants to linger.

It is an exercise in patience to lull the mind in another direction when there is something more powerful refusing to let go. Is there a message here or a lesson?

Have you ever tried to explain a dream to someone knowing you cannot relate the intensity of feeling in a way that they understand what you are feeling, especially when we cannot understand it ourselves.

I hope writing about it will help me release the angst. After all, this is the start of Christmas week. I have much more enjoyable things to think about.