Notice to Readers and Followers

Content Disclaimer: I have no control over the paid ads or paid ‘sponsored posts’ that may appear on my blog. I will be evaluating alternatives but in the interim, please know these ads and ‘sponsored posts’ are not of my choosing.

18 thoughts on “Notice to Readers and Followers”

  1. Not to worry…but can’t wait to see some of the “sponsored posts”! lol. WordPress has some nerve, though. If they need revenue that badly you’d think they would stick the sponsored posts on a gateway to free sites page and leave someone’s blog alone. Newspapers have advertising, too, but don’t stick them in the middle of a news or editorial column / article. Or at least didn’t used to!

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  2. I understand. It would be nice if they’d give you options on categories at least. But I generally don’t pay any attention to blog ads.

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